Things That Dog Parents Say Proud and Aloud

“How was the dog’s poop today, honey?”

“Good, fully formed and no mush. What time do you want to grocery shop tonight?”

This is an actual exchange of words between myself and my spouse. Recently, years ago, and probably tomorrow, too. We are not alone. See how many of these conversations and quips you’ve said aloud, perhaps to a friend or co-worker, or maybe even to the dog. And you do talk to your dog, right? We are the dog parents who say things proud, aloud, and we are here to stay.

By the way, when people call me obsessed or over the top with my dog and my love of dogs in general., to me that is a compliment. It means I go above and beyond for my dogs and that others are watching, hopefully emulating my example.

I am proud to be a dog mom. Are you a proud dog parent? See if you recognize yourself in any of these dog parent-isms.

In the Bedroom

“Honey, wake up, you are snoring again.”

Who among us has not said that to a partner/spouse/significant other? When the dog does it, for most of us, the sound of canine snores are simply white noise.

dog moms

In the Kitchen

“Did you heat the dog’s food? Is it warm enough but not too hot?”

“Um, yes, babe, it’s just right.”

Eating from a spoon is the norm for many. Paw-er to the people and their dogs!


In the Vacation Planning Process

Me: “Are you pet welcoming?”

ClerK: “We allow dogs.”

Me: “Has the room been cleaned with nontoxic chemicals?”

Clerk: “I need to check.”

We haven’t taken a vacation without a dog in close to 25 years and we live and love our lives this way. Have dog will travel is the new norm. Savvy vacation properties are wise to roll out the red carpet to Fidos and his or her family. When you treat my dog like royalty, I’ll come back and tell my dog loving friends and family about you, too.


In the Store

“Do you allow dogs in carts to shop here?”

Are you giggling at that one? It’s true: Many retail establishments welcome dogs. After all, they know the way to a dog parents’ pocketbook is allowing Fido or Fluffy to shop with us. Here’s an entire piece on pet-welcoming places to visit, malls included!


In the Fashion Department

“The dog has a fundraiser in the fall, what color and style should we go with?”

As the dog mom to a well-traveled Cocker Spaniel, I am no longer of the “need to explain to those who don’t get it” line of thinking. My dog accepts and wears clothes because that’s how we live our lives. He also gets to play, roll, frolic, and be a naked dog 99 percent of the time.

How to find dog clothes
Dexter wearing his custom tux from Belle Diva Couture.

In the Social Media Department

“Is your dog on Instagram?”

“Mine, too.”

“What’s his name on Insta?”

“Okay, I’ll start following you.”

As a dog blogger, of course, there are many things we say aloud that fellow dog (or any pet) blogger can relate to. If in any form you write about your pet on social media, see how many resonate with you:

Yesterday’s Rex is today’s Romeo, as everything from what we name our dogs to the lingo applied to their dog food has evolved and changed. From the annals of “then versus now,” here are eight of the prominent changes in the dog world over the past 20 years:

 Then                             Now

Dry food                                 Kibble

Dog coop                                Dog bed

Mutt                                        Designer dog

No Dogs Allowed               Pet Welcoming

Owner                                      Dog Parent

Animal                                    Furkid

Barking                                   Canine vocalization

Kennel                                    Doggie daycare

We could go on and on, but you get the picture. There are gobs of things we do for our dogs these days that 20 years ago were unheard of.

Want to see the whole list of how times have changed over the last 20 years in the dog world?

CLICK THIS: Dog world changes over 20 years’ time

What did we miss? What are some things you say to your dog or about your dog? Bark at us in the comments below.

Pet bloggers
Melissa Clinton, left, with yours truly.

Before you do that, check out what our dog blogger pal, Melissa Clinton, of Barking from the Bayou, says about things pet parents say.

Here are dozens of pet bloggers below who, no doubt, say a lot of these things and then some:

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  1. My fav part is the then and now section — how TRUE is that: at one point I changed all my terms to these new terms. My husband has as well… a glossary is in order!

  2. We text many of those comments, but the outcome is the same. Tried to explain to someone I wasn’t getting a massage the dogs were and they were quite puzzled.

  3. Great post ! Claire and Momo have fascinating conversations about our poop and our food too. “What are you doing ?”- “I’m talking to the cat.” is very common here. Purrs

  4. Your then and now list proves just how far we’ve come. Dogs are no longer an afterthought but a first thought for many businesses, Let’s hope this trend continues and expands even more. 🙂

  5. I love that you wrote “we live and love our lives this way” when saying you’ve taken every vacation with your dog for the past 25 years. That is a sign of true love all around. ♥ Wonderful post!

  6. This is too funny! I must admit that I have said a few of these things since we’ve had dogs, which is all my life!

  7. *Snickers* I don’t think I follow even one human on Instagram. It’s all animals!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  8. Hee, hee…snort. I saw your site from Barking from the Bayou…you both had me in stitches and nodding so much, Sam came and put his head in my lap! BOL.

  9. I don’t mind my cats snoring either. Another term that should be in the glossary is “furbabies”. I’ve never used it myself, but I think it’s so cute.

  10. hahahaa… yeah all of the above. Ours include: “is there quarantine for that country?” or as vegans when we check out meat at the market
    “Is your meat organic and humane?”
    “yes it is”
    “Oh perfect! It’s for the furkid, we’re vegan”


    1. Or..
      “babe did you sprinkle his food with cheese?”
      “the right kind the Emental? he doesn’t like the old cheddar we got him”
      “Oh crap ….”

  11. Taking your dog on every vacation sounds like heaven! I wish we could bring our cats when we travel but it’s not possible for us.
    Awesome post btw, my neighbors must think I have kids/housemates with the amount of talking I do to my cats while hubby’s at work!

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