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The top 10 Fidose of Reality Paw-er Women of the Dog World

Fidose of Reality is proud to present a 10-part series entitled, “Paw-er Women.”  In case you missed it, here is a recap of the 10 women in the pet world who are following dreams, making a difference, being role models, and more. These are “paw-er” women of the dog world.

Maybe you’ve considered a career related to dogs but aren’t sure where to start, need some encouragement, resources or just a paw in the right direction. For those involved in the business world, allow these “paw-er” women to inspire future successes.

Here is our recap of fab “pawer” women:

Part 1: Abby Kass and Pet Fashions

Part 2: Amanda Jane Finnell and Chinese Pet Herbalist

Part 3: Paris Permenter and Dog Blogging

Part 4: Janice Costa and Starting a Dog Vacation Camp

Part 5: Susan Daffron on Becoming a Published Pet Author

Part 6: Kristin Elliott on Launching a New Dog Product

Part 7: Being a Dog Artist: Missy Johnson

Part 8: Being a Firefighter and Educator: Dayna Hilton

Part 9: All Things Dog Blog with Carrie Boyko

Part 10: Molly Mednikow of Amazon Cares

Bonus: Lucy Maloney: Dog miniature artist


  1. Ellen says

    This was one of my all time favorite series I’ve ever read on a blog. It’s so well written and provides such wonderful information that I never realized even considered as a career! Thanks for sharing this, it was awesome to read.

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