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Ten Fun Dog Products You Need to Own

dog products

One of the coolest parts of being a pet blogger and dog writer is that I discover new products and get to share them with dog lovers of the highest order: YOU! At the BlogPaws Conference in Nashville recently, over 500 pet brands, bloggers, and social media rock stars gathered for the pet industry’s original pet blogger conference. Since the conference is pet welcoming, Dexter, our mascot and Puppy Relations (PR) Manager, is welcome to share the fun, education, and “pet”working. He is proud to be a veteran of BlogPaws Conference, with Nashville marking his 7th.

Here then, are 10 of the most fun finds we encountered during the conference, with a $70 value swag bag of bling to giveaway at the end!!!

Pogo Plush Panda from Petsafe

How’s that for alliteration? The pogo plush bear is stuffing-less, so dogs can try and chew on the squeaker and you need not worry about stuffing and a mess. The squeaker floats around the body of the panda, making it a game and a challenge for dogs who like to conquer their prey: The Pogo Plush® toy from PetSafe is a great way to entertain your pooch: We are giving one away below, too!

pogo plush petsafe
Dexter loves the Pogo Plush Bear from PetSafe.

Adorable PetHub ID Tags

Gone are the days of clunky silver-plated ID tags: Today’s modern dog dons a PetHub QR code tag on his or her collar. My pal Lorien at PetHub hooked Dexter up with a “Momma’s Boy” scannable tag, and one lucky person will win one, too. You register the tag. If, Dog forbid, your pet goes missing, when someone finds your pet they can get them home in 4 ways:

  1. Scanning a QR code
  2. Typing in the tag’s web address
  3. Tapping the tag with a newer smartphone
  4. Or calling PetHub’s 24-hour “Found Pet Hotline”


Jones Natural Chews

A go-to spot at every BlogPaws is the booth that contains Jones Natural Chews. Dogs know the difference, they say. It’s true: My dog’s nose leads me to the booth. All Jones meat treats and chews for dogs are created using only USA meat products and never any artificial ingredients. Here’s a trio of treats Dexter dined upon, and your pooch can, too. Tell Flea we sent you!

jones natural chews


Perfect Form by The Honest Kitchen

Long-time readers of the Fidose blog know we are Honest Kitchen consumers and fans. Perfect Form is an herbal supplement for cats & dogs that supports a healthy pet digestive tract & can aid in pet colitis, gas & irritable bowel syndrome. If your dog is switching foods or just to add some to a dog’s diet for regularity.

Honest Kitchen perfect formBurt’s Bees for Dogs Itch Soothing Spray

Burt’s Bees™ for dogs Itch Soothing Spray is made with some of nature’s finest ingredients, and we plan to carry this for when Dex gets a bug bite or has an allergy flare. It is pH Balanced for dogs, contains no colorants, and is cruelty free.

burts bees dogs


Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Cream

This is a miracle cream in a jar, and I am even using it. I am not one to be easily sold on claims of a product being a miracle, but this one sets the bar high. Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Cream is a combination of healing herbs in a base of organic shea butter. This cream is used for minor skin irritations, hot spots, rashes, cuts, sunburn and itching. It is great for human bug bites, too! I use it on Dexter’s paw pads: They are oh so smooth and soft now. Toss this in your dog’s first aid bag right away.

dr harveys


Cloud Star “Wag More Bark Less®” Treats

We had to include these because they come in a variety of textures and flavors, are made in the USA, and for all you dog parents who have a dog with allergies: Rejoice! NO wheat, dairy, corn, soy, or white potatoes. Oh and we are including a cute bracelet in our giveaway below. Great products from Cloud Star!

cloud star treats

Coconut Smiles and Power Patties from Dr. Harvey’s

We are hooked on this line. The coconut smiles are just that: Organic coconut slices that look like smiles. I love feeding these because they are all natural and my dog goes bonkers for them. The power patties are like catnip for dogs: Green tripe is oh so pungent but dogs go oh so bonkers for them. And I feel good feeding a safe treat from this brand I trust. Thanks, Dr. Harvey’s.

Dr Harvey coconut smiles

K9 Carry All Customized Pouch

The K9 Carry All line includes custom logo leashes, Click & Stay leashes, hair bows, collars, toys, and more. Deanna McKillip surprised us with this gorgeous pouch for coins, treats, waste bags, or anything in between. I love the photo she selected. If you order from K9 Carry All, tell them we sent you over from Fidose of Reality. Products can be custom designed for you and your pooch, and she works with rescues and fundraisers.


dog pouch

Groom Genie

This, by far, is one of those products that stunned me. My buddy Caroline Golon got down at my dog’s level and started brushing at him ever so gently. When I tell you that this boy went into the zone and was zenned out, he was in la la land in moments. The Groom Genie became the first grooming brush that not only detangles and beautifies coats, but reduces a pet’s grooming anxiety while strengthening the bond between owner and pet. You have got to try it on your dog to see what I mean. My dog is a Cocker, so of course, he is brushed frequently. I have never, repeat never, used a tool that made my dog so relaxed in a stress-free way with no muss or fuss. See?


Now for a complete insider’s look at what went on at BlogPaws, including never-before-seen-footage, here’s a 10-minute montage as if you were walking alongside me for the 3-day extravaganza:     And finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: Enter to win a $70 value bag of swag for your dog from Fidose of Reality featuring all the paw-roducts seen here (um, dog not included, he stays with me and runs the joint): win swag All you need to do is enter below: And this is a flash contest that expires on Friday, June 19th, so hurry!!! One lucky winner will be drawn at random: (US only on this one, please and thanks):  enter to win     a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: We were not compensated to tell you any of this. We just love sharing products with Fidose of Reality readers and fans that we enjoy using. Giveaway items received at BlogPaws.

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  1. Ooh all of these look awesome! Right now I am really interested in the Burt’s Bees soothing spray. Right now Phoenix has broken out in some pretty serious hives and I think something like that might be helpful. I might actually go to the pet store and pick some of that up!

    We also love chews from Jones! 😀

  2. i would like the groom genie, since my girls feathers get so tangled, sounds interesting. also like the pet hub tag as well. however, if my 3 gals had to choose they would choose the Dr. Harvey and Cloud treats, especially Tressa who is a real foodie.

  3. I love the write ups you give for all of the products. I have not even unpacked my box of swag yet. Waiting until I feel better so I can deal with the happy, jumping animals that will be involved once I do! Love Dex and his soft smushy lips!

  4. Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Cream is what I am excited to try! Anything that will help my baby with her itchies! I am always looking for new products to try to relieve her itching! And of course that little pouch that has Dexter’s little adorable face on it! I need one with Coco on it 🙂

  5. Some really cool products. I don’t know what to choose first…but i’m thinking the Burts Bees Soothing Spray would come in very handy this summer.

  6. I wish I could have been there at the conference this year! The swag is just a small part of all the fun I missed. Hope you meet you in Phoenix next year!

  7. Great post. Those look like some terrific dog products. Mom brought us some good stuff too. She says after seeing your video that she wishes she had taken more!

  8. What a neat giveaway! IT’s funny, my dog has a particular toy that he likes. Whenever he tears that one up we have to get a new one EXACTLY the same or he won’t play with anything else!

  9. Gosh it’s hard to pick a favorite with so many wonderful things to choose from! I love the Pogo Plush Panda, I think this would be perfect for Izzo. And both Murphy & Izzo would love Jones Natural Chews as well as all the other treats. I think that Groom Genie too. With 2 collies I do A LOT of brushing and it’s not their favorite thing.

  10. I’m loving these items. I heard of only a couple of them, so most of these items are new to me! I love the groom genie. This is a must buy for my dogs. I love Dr. Harvey’s products but I didn’t know about the healing cream, so this one is on my must buy list, too. Thanks for sharing.

  11. As I read through all of the products, I couldn’t help but “ooh” and “ah”! By the end of your post, I realized how much I need to buy ALL of these things! I missed the conference, this year, but hopefully I will be able to attend, next year. Everyone seemed to have such a wonderful time!

  12. I love product giveaways, especially for pets! I am heading over, I just might get a few on your list!

  13. These are definitely great products! In fact, I’m entering your giveaway, because I didn’t get back to the Dr Harvey’s booth for the Miracle Cream before the exhibit hall closed 🙁

  14. Oh my goodness! I didn’t know that Burt’s Bees had a line for dogs! I’ll have to look for those!

  15. K9 Carry All Customized Pouch. I would’ve one to carry Schooner and Skipper around in my purse. That way I can say I have a purse dog!

  16. Great review of the many fabulous products at BlogPaws! We had a great time meeting sponsors, discovering some great new products and re-visiting old favorites. It was so great seeing you & Dexter!!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  17. Our pooch is so spoiled (she’s a one year old Boxer). She’d love the Jones Natural Chews though. Might have to get those for her to devour!

  18. The Panda toy from PetSafe as my German Shepherd loves those types. She keeps them a long time and totes them around in her mouth.

  19. Wow, such great products! I love them all. I think for my elderly dog, Jake, the brush is the most appealing. He loves a good brushing. Plus the coconut treats. I keep hearing how coconut is supposed to be so good for dogs, yet we haven’t tried it here. Hmm … now you’ve got me thing that I should attend next year’s BlogPaws Conference. 🙂

  20. OK, so my Canadian butt isn’t entering the giveaway, but the idea of a grooming tool that untangles without fuss is kind of rocking my world right now. That and Koly wants me to +1 Dex’s love of Jones Chews. He says they’re the best ever, although, he may not rest until I get some Coconut Smiles now.

  21. Would LOVE my lab to try Jones Natural Chews. He needs something that will last longer that 90 seconds!

  22. We have a Pet hub tag… Bought it for Paco when we traveled.. now that he passed away it was transferred over to Annie… its great.. no matter which country we are in People can look to see who we are.

  23. This is a great list! There’s soooo many pet products on the market its hard to know what is good and what isn’t! I love to see more natural choices for pets too.

  24. Wow Carol and Dex, what a great selection of products!! I think all of them sounds fantastic, especially the dog brush, the coconut smiles, all the other treats, Dr. Harvey’s products, okay pretty much everything!!! Thanks for having the giveaway. Whoever wins will love it!
    Sending hugs & love, Pixel

  25. I am most excited to try the Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing cream as I’m always find some type of rash or cut on my Hairless Chinese Crested’s sensitive skin!

  26. I was so excited to see the new product GroomGenie! We have a long haired yorkie mix named Biscuit..and well let’s just say..brushing is not his favorite thing! Looking forward to purchasing this innovative product!!!

  27. Perfect Form is what interests me most…always interested in trying new supplements…Casey’s health is a priority!

  28. Frenchie my spoiledoodle says: Did anyone say treats??? She is excited about the Coconut smiles and the Power patties, as she loves healthy treats, and that’s the only ones she gets.

  29. Although all these items are wonderful and my little guy would love them, I am most intrigued with the Burt’s Bees for Dogs Itch Soothing Spray. My poor little guy has very itchy skin. 🙂 Thank you.

  30. what a haul and some pretty cool stuff. The healing cream excites me the most as Gamblers ears break open in the fall when hunting time is on us so this would be great to try to see if it helps him. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. Some really awesome products. However, the Burts Bees Soothing Spray sounds perfect for Summer.Pretty excited about that!

  32. I’m especially excited to try the Burt’s Bees for Dogs Itch Soothing Spray. I have used their oatmeal dog shampoo on dogs with very dry skin (you get this often in just-rescued dogs who haven’t had proper care or nutrition). I do get some issues with my own dogs – especially my Kenji, who seems to have a target on him for all the stinging bugs that come to our yard, and my Kyoko, who was nearly starved before I adopted her and who gets some dry patches even now.

  33. I love all the items and my yorkie would be excited to have any of them, but I was excited to see the
    Burt’s Bees for Dogs Itch Soothing Spray, didn’t realize Burt’s Bee made pet products

  34. So many awesome pawsome prizes!!! I think I would best like the healing cream and the Burt’s Bees healing spray (didn’t know BB made pet products!!).

  35. That’s one BIG bag of goodies…..:)…. Mya and Maggie would love to delve in to that. And I’d
    love the Groom Genie because Mya has the WORST texture of body hair…..ever….

  36. so many great products that it’s hard to choose just one I have 8 rescue Chihuahuas, 2 pit bulls and a great Pyrenees the grooming tool looks awesome but also love the healing cream and dog itch spray

  37. I would be most excited to try the Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Cream for my Dora. She has skin allergies and this would make her fell great. I hate seeing her miserable.

  38. We definitely want to Pogo Plush. This dog mama is tired of stuffing everywhere from murdered dog toys

  39. I like that all the products are natural based. I have been moving more towards making my own treats, and products for my dogs. I feel it is safest.

  40. I am excited to try the Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Cream. I have a chihuahua that has sensitive skin and it becomes dry so this would be great to have. It’s also a great product to have in our doggy first aid kit 🙂

  41. I would love to win the pogo plush panda! My dog has a similar pogo plush that is sort of an amorphous shape – not an animal & it is her absolute favorite toy & has taken hours of chewing & fetch.

  42. I think I’d most be excited to try the dog grooming brush, but all of the products sound great!

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