Ten Dollar Dog of the Day: December 18: Precious

cocker spaniel rescue

The holidays are precious, aren’t they? The $10 Dollar Dog of the Day is Precious and boy, could she use the chip in $10 help.

Precious is under the care of Oldies but Goodies Cocker Spaniel group. She was found lying in the road after being hit by a car. Unfortunately, she sustained a traumatic injury to her left ear. She’s on pain meds and is still very sensitive when folks get close to her ear. Dixie popped in to the see an ear specialist recently. Unfortunately, Precious is in so much pain, it was hard to take a good look. OBG tells us, “The doc recommended scheduling another appointment where she can be sedated for a thorough examination. The vet was able to determine there is significant damage to her left ear and it is infected. He said it’s possible her ear canal could have separated from her skull. (Ouch!) A total ear canal ablation may be in order to ensure Dixie does not face long term or chronic problems. We are trying our best to keep sweet Dixie comfortable until we get more information about how to proceed. Please continue to keep our cute little trooper in your thoughts!”


Can you chip $10 in to help Precious?

Bonus: One lucky person will be sent a prize from Fidose of Reality from amongst all folks who donate. So you can win a gift for your dog as a Pay It Forward thank you from our wagging family to yours!

December 18th dog(s) of the day: Precious

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