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Teaching Your Dog To Move Trick or Treat Giveaway

Is your dog ever underfoot or in your way and you accidentally run into him or her or even trip?  Teaching your dog to move out of the way and to do so politely for you, the dog mom or dad, is a fun and bonding experience for human and canine. You will also impress people when they see your dog politely step aside when you say aloud, “excuse me.”

Just for stopping by and checking learning about this “trick,” we invite you to enter this year’s Trick or Treat Giveaway hop after you see Dexter work his trick magic. It’s well worth it because the prizes are:

Grand Prize: A $300 PetSmart® gift card

Trick or treat blog giveaway

Second Prize: 14 bag assortment of Caru’s Soft ‘n Tasty Baked Bites and Baked Bars:
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Trick or treat blog giveaway

Third Prize: 1 bag of canine beef lung treats + 1 bag of canine beef liver treats: $80 Value: Sponsored by Nature’s Logic®

Trick or treat blog giveaway

Fourth Prize: Nice Mussels plus Wishes, Pecks (8 oz), Beams (7 oz), Quickies, and Smooches (16 oz): $72 Value: Sponsored by The Honest Kitchen®

Trick or treat blog giveaway

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trick or treat giveaway

That’s almost $600 in prizes!!!  Now, here’s how to teach your dog the “excuse me” trick:

Step One of Teaching Your Dog To Move

Promise yourself two things: You will have patience/never yell at or scold a dog AND you will try this is very short segments. Five minutes once or twice a day. I learned long ago from dog mom who has a trick dog that smaller bursts of trying something new is key AND you should always end on a positive note. Clap and reward your dog. You want the dog to feel good for doing this and not like a robot who must follow orders.

Teaching your dog excuse me

Step Two

Watch this video, as this is the end result and how weeks upon months of practice came to fruition. Listen as I say “excuse me” and my dog, Dexter, politely moves out of the way. I will say that when I am out and about with my dog, at expos, shows, shopping, or anywhere…people are forever asking me how he learned that. Keep watching and reading.

Step Three

If your dog is older or has no concept of what getting out of the way is…or maybe you say something else like “move it” or “beep beep,” then you need to take even more time with this. Shorter bursts, a minute here, a minute there. You simply want to reward your dog for moving when you say “excuse me.” Teaching your dog to move is the goal here.

Whenever you are walking and your dog is literally in your way, you must stop walking and say aloud your dog’s name accompanied by “excuse me.” So it comes out: “Fluffy, excuse me.” Sort of keep moving forward without crashing into your dog. The moment your dog is out of your way, you reward. He or she just won best in show. Celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. Mental confetti. You may want to carry a few of your dog’s favorite treats when starting out. You want the dog to know he or she just did something that merits a high value reward. Don’t randomly carry the treats if you aren’t planning to work on “excuse me.” For many dogs, their noses will seek out what’s lurking in your pocket and everything else is white noise.

That’s it. Teaching excuse me is very simple but you need to be consistent without being annoying and trying too hard. If your dog isn’t getting it or just simply is not interested, you do not want to end on a sour note. Have the dog do something that he or she is good at, no matter what it is, and then reward, clap, celebrate. The goal of learning anything new is to enhance the relationship between dog parent and dog.

Dexter Cocker Spaniel
The bond with dog parent and dog is a special one.

Alternate Method

You can also put your dog in a sit-stay and then say excuse me and implement the same techniques above. You walk forward a bit, say excuse me in a happy voice, and when the dog ever so gently moves aside, you reward.

This is word and movement association. If your dog is hard of hearing, you can still teach “excuse me.” Click: how to teach a dog hand signals.

trick or treat giveaway

Enter to Win Prizes and Snag More Entries

And now some super fun for you and your dog! Prizes galore, as we shared above. Here is how to enter. Just go through the easy-to-enter form below and visit the different blogs listed for even more entries. Easy peasy, right?! If you visit each of the blogs, you can learn a new trick AND enter for more chances to win. Fun stuff! Give your pawsome dogs a scritch behind the ears from us and good luck!!!

USA and Canada only. PetSmart is not a sponsor of this giveaway, and the bloggers got together to purchase the gift card. The giveaway and hop are sponsored by Caru, Nature’s Logic, and The Honest Kitchen. 

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Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop – Fidose of Reality

Visit each blog for more chances to win!

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  1. Thank you. Once I’m home from work travel, the kids are learning this one. This has only recently become an issue with both boys. It’s usually both underfoot, because, you know, what one does the other must do, too.

  2. Don’t have a dog, so no. Cat person that’d love to win the Petsmart card. Any doggie treats would be donated.

  3. When I taught my dog how to shake I had a handful of treats in my hand and made a fist, now he knows how to “fist bump” instead of shake, but close enough!

  4. My dog know this trick and I actually teach it to some of the dogs at the humane society that I work at! I say excuse me.

  5. my oldest knows lots of tricks, she was a very fast learner, the 2 younger girls know a few, it takes time and being consistent to train to do tricks. my oldest could prance, roll over and play dead, dance, shake, etc. the 2 younger girls just do the normal ones, except the youngest can talk and curl up her lip. i used treats and worked with them on a daily basis. i need to work more with the 2 younger girls.

  6. Imagine 3 dogs always underfoot! Actually, two are the worst. Our golden Sheba is just always lying in the most traveled paths around the house. If Luke is facing me, I can at least use “beep beep” with him to get him to back out of the way. I look forward to working on this one, because it is much needed around here! I bet people are very impressed to see it too!

  7. She doesn’t know this trick but I think I should teach her! This seems really handy! I have found so many tricks I want to teach her from this blog hop already!

  8. When I am in the kitchen, my dog is always under my feet. I worry that I will step or trip over her all of the time. Of course she is hoping I will drop a goodie, but I am busy hoping I will not step or trip over her. I really need to work with her

  9. I never though about teaching the pups excuse me as a trick but what a great idea! Nala moves out of the way automatically but I think Cody’s sole purpose in life is to trip people so this will be a great trick to teach him.

  10. My dogs know to move when we say ‘excuse me.’ It’s so funny. They pop up. I thought it was a nicer way to say ‘get out of the way.’ 🙂

  11. I have 3 dogs and none of them know this trick. I’m going to start working on teaching them right away — they are always in the way and under foot.

  12. Our dog did not know this trick. I taught her to give the paw, sit and rollover all through bribing her with treats. Your dog is so cute!

  13. I am in the process of treating mine this now, since we just rescued her a few months ago. I say “move” not “excuse me”, but wish I had thought of that before I started, it’s so cute. I’m using pretty much the same method though.

  14. I tried to teach my dog to do this trick but he is so stubborn! If anyone has a boxer, you know what i am talking about!

  15. I’m entering to win the gift card for my sister, who is a cat lady! I’m not sure her cats know any tricks, beyond driving her crazy.

  16. My dogs don’t know this as a trick exactly, but through just day to day life learning, they know “excuse me” means to move.

  17. I love this! I wish I could teach my cat this, he’s always in the way or under our feet! And thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Eh…. my dog sorta knows it and it wasn’t taught to him. Never taught it to any dogs that I’ve ever had. They always learn it on their own.

  19. She doesn’t move out of my way on the floor, but she will move out of the spot I want to sit on the sofa. Nobody really formally taught her this, she just leaned by repetition I guess.

  20. Coco doesn’t know Excuse me, but if we are in the car and she sits in my spot I will say scootch to her and she moves over to the seat. But feel free to teach her Excuse Me when you come over one day LOL!

  21. I personally dont have a dog because my landlord won’t allow it, but I spend a ton of time with my mom’s dogs, and they know a few tricks… Mostly shake and roll over, her dog is 15 months old

  22. Unfortunately my dog doesn’t know any tricks. I’ve tried to teach her several times in the past but she just doesn’t get it.

  23. No, our dogs don’t know this trick/command either. I have a hard time training all the dogs together as I’m almost never one on one with them.

  24. My dog came to us at 1 year old from a shelter. He had some bad habits, i.e. not coming when called. When off-leash in certain areas, he will respond to our “come” command. Other times, it’s like he is deaf!
    I have taught my four cats to sit on command for a treat.

  25. We use “beep beep” and our dog moves…for the most part! LOL. He does need to learn it better, as it was just something he learned by us moving him when we needed him to move out of the way.

  26. My dog did know this. But as she is now almost 17, blind, and nearly deaf, it doesn’t do a lot of good anymore. Thankfully, she is just a little 9 pound Dachshund, so stepping over her at this point is no big deal.

  27. I can say from experience that this is a great command for your dog to know. My dogs know “move over” and “back up”, both come in very handy.

    Thanks for inspiring people to teach their dogs something new & useful! And thanks for the giveaway! Great article!!

  28. I know my dogs would do well with this they usually do stay out of my way but being able to do it as you did would be great to do too.

  29. Oh that is so precious! Our dogs do not do many tricks, just the regular sit. Still working on Stay…been a couple years and is not going really well. LOL I will have to work more on it!

  30. That’s awesome and SO polite. We learned beep-beep in training class and have used that, but I like this one! Both my dogs LOVE to be in the kitchen, especially when it is their dinner time. Sampson will just lie on floor, and you can easily step over this, but Delilah has to follow everything you do!

  31. If I say Excuse me enough times my dog will move but I wouldn’t say she really knows this trick! Will have to work on it, thank you!

  32. I get my dog to move by cuddling with her. As an anti-snuggle dog, this trick works like a charm! No treats needed! ?

  33. My dogs don’t know this trick, but it would be good for them to learn. Even more, I need to teach my cats to move on command. My daughter’s cat, Arata, is much smaller than my dogs (he’s a little over 10 pounds while the dogs are 65-78 pounds). I often can’t see him in the dark or when I’m carrying in groceries. I’ve almost stepped on him numerous times and while I wouldn’t want to fall myself, I’m more worried about hurting him. The dogs are big enough I can see them – but they can be idiots and just block my way when I’m carrying groceries or baskets of laundry.

  34. My dog does know “move”. It’s been so long (she’s going on 12) that I don’t really remember how I taught it to her. She picks up on words pretty easily.

  35. My dog doesn’t know this trick. I have a 4 year old Boxer, & she’s really hyper and gets excited easily.. so sometimes she has difficulty trying to pay attention long enough to learn tricks lol.

  36. He does know this trick but I don’t know how he was taught because we adopted him and he already knew it.

  37. My dog likes to be thisclose (not a typo to be missing a space there!) so she frequently gets told to move if she “forgets” she is not supposed to be underfoot in the kitchen or is generally being a pest.

  38. What a cutie! My big boy knows this trick for some reason but I swear I can’t remember actually teaching him! Dogs are so smart!

  39. No dog, I’d love to win the gc and any dog treats I win will go to local shelter. I’d love to teach my cats that!

  40. Very cool trick! My shih tzu doesn’t really get underfoot, but my great dane is always in the way. I say ‘back it up’ and she moves. I like the ‘excuse me’ better though!

  41. My dogs only know to sit and they do that when they want to lol. I think it is cool the way they taught them

  42. Yes, my dogs know this command 🙂 We have tight hallways in our house and have practiced with them in real time LOL They are very good at getting out of the way when we say move now.

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