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The #NationalDogDay Dog Lover Necklace Giveaway

It is said that every dog gets his (or her) day: And August 26th is National Dog Day: So celebrate, wag with us, and raise a sparkling water bowl in honor of your dog.  And we have a dog lover necklace giveaway! There is no dog that is like yours: Of course, there are millions and millions of dogs out there...and maybe today is a day you decide to bring a new dog home from a … [Read more...]

Pet Bloggers To Bookmark Now

In two days, my family and I will pack up the Fidose-mobile and head towards the land of dice and showgirls, but not to partake in either: We are going cross country towards BlogPaws country. Pet bloggers are about to take over in many ways. (oh and you can meet us: just click here to find out how). Armed with a passion for pets, a Cocker Spaniel by my side, a laptop and … [Read more...]

New Years Resolutions for Dogs

Did you know four out of five people who make resolutions break them by the end of January? The main reason for resolution failure is setting so many goals that trying to stick to them becomes arduous. A little trick that has worked for me (and my dog): Space your goals out to one per month! Here's a month by month way to keep motivated and focused as presented by our Puppy … [Read more...]

Holiday Warning to Dog Parents and Prize Time

With the holidays upon us, it is very alarming that we just found out a very sad statistic: over a third of Americans purchase holiday gifts for their pet. Yikes! We have a holiday warning to all dog parents and responsible pet moms and dads: Let folks know that this isn't the time to bring a pet into the family in most circumstances. A pet is a long commitment and not one to … [Read more...]

Dog-Friendly Trips Photo by Photo

Fidose of Reality is taking a much-needed vacation this week, but that doesn't mean we stop blogging: That runs through our veins! If you are a dog-friendly traveler and love taking your dog on trips with you, you've come to the right place. In honor of this date being celebrated as Wordless Wednesday (where pet bloggers are encouraged to show more than write) - we celebrate … [Read more...]

Hope for One Dog on Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday has true meaning for me today.  I am without words, as I recently found out about a very touching true story that has an almost happy ending. This is where you, pet lovers, come in. My pal, June Myers, of Oklahoma, does so many things freely and from the bottom of her heart, yet she does not speak of them. She is one of those unsung heroes whose heart beats … [Read more...]

What to Do When Your Dog is Having Surgery

On Wednesday, August 14, our Puppy Relations (PR) Manager, Dexter, is having surgery under anesthesia to repair a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and removal of a damaged meniscus: the shock absorber portion of the affected area. As such, we are dedicating this post to the skilled hands of the surgeon, the caring vet techs who will monitor him, and the love of his family … [Read more...]

Top Ten Dog Movies To Rent

What are your favorite flicks that involve dogs? Got a favorite dog movie that just tugs at your heartstrings or makes you stand up and shake your paws in joy? When I'm not reading about dogs or writing about them, I like to catch up on dog movies. In honor of Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof, the 2014 gala fundraiser that I, as a Wigglebutt Warrior, will be hosting with my … [Read more...]

Cocker Spaniel Climbs the Vine

I am oh so addicted to watching my Cocker Spaniel do everything from sleep to eat to play to well, just be the doll baby he is. If you love to watch your dog/cat/ferret/rabbit/____ (insert animal here) do extraordinary and ordinary things, you must check out Vine. Vine is a 6-second looping video app that is quite simply as addictive to me as Instagram. I was never a "gotta … [Read more...]

How to Help Dogs Displaced by Oklahoma Tornadoes

A natural disaster altered my life and that of my dog's so deeply that two years ago I was forced to flee from my home due to the devastating nearly epic and tragic flood waters of the Susquehanna River. When my friend, June Myers, told me the Oklahoma tornadoes of recent days touched down 1/2 mile from her home, I was stunned. I immediately think of all the devastation … [Read more...]