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Westminster Kennel Club Heart Beats Dog Photos

Garden green. Royal purple. Golden yellow. Whispy tufts of hair blow through the air. Not all who walk the Garden Green come away with a medal, but those who grace The Garden for two days each February are all winners. I am a blogger and I invite you to peek into my blogger lens for some of the shots you are not likely to see in official feeds. It is true that my heart beats … [Read more...]

The Reality of Dog Breed Origins

Tracing back through Fido’s family tree, do the branches extend where one might believe or are there a few misnomers scattered among the doggy forest? Registries, breeding and lines aside, the roots of many breeds as we know them today run deeper and in different directions than many surmise. Did you ever wonder the reality of some dog breed origins? Is the Havanese from Cuba? … [Read more...]

Changes at Westminster Dog Show 2014

Fidose of Reality is proud to bring our readers coverage of the Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show each year. We are very honored to attend the time-honored tradition every year as a member of the media, and this year will be no different: We will be there. What will change, however, is the angle of our coverage and the addition of a brand new exciting element to the … [Read more...]

Five things to do during Westminster Dog Show

Indeed the 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was held recently over the course of two days in New York City, but there are many aspects of the show that are not hands-on dog but rather for the dog lover that is the common thread of us all. If one has never been to New York City during Westminster week, affectionately termed so for all of the hype, events, and activities … [Read more...]