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Westminster Kennel Club Heart Beats Dog Photos

Garden green. Royal purple. Golden yellow. Whispy tufts of hair blow through the air. Not all who walk the Garden Green come away with a medal, but those who grace The Garden for two days each February are all winners. I am a blogger and I invite you to peek into my blogger lens for some of the shots you are not likely to see in official feeds. It is true that my heart beats … [Read more...]

How Do Dog Show Dogs Stay So Healthy

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is full of secrets: So Fidose of Reality visited the 140th edition of this second longest continuously held sporting event in this country, just one year behind the Kentucky Derby. Many of the folks who breed, own, handle, and groom the dogs have things to offer that many reporters skip over. I wondered how dog show dogs stay healthy. I … [Read more...]