Most Kissable Dog Photo Contest Winners 2017

Wow, the winners for the 2017 Most Kissable Dog Photo Contest are so outstanding, but so are all of the photos we received at the Fidose of Reality offices. For starters, we sent the images on to a panel of judges not associated with this blog and I personally will not judge. For me, you ALL win. Ultimately, what our judges agreed upon is that these dogs are loved. It shows in … [Read more...]

Fall in Love with a Shelter Dog

He loves me, she loves me not. Dog parents need not wonder if Rover or Fido only has eyes for them. When you fall in love with a shelter dog, Cupid's bow will draw back and make you her target. Shelter dogs need good homes all across America and beyond. The ASPCA held a fun live stream dating show to match potential adopters to pets across the country, and Fidose of Reality … [Read more...]