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What Four Products Could Help Rescue Dogs

Two things make my heart that beats dog go a little faster: Helping dogs and finding good products for those rescue dogs. So when the folks at Sweet Relish sent me a box of goodies to try out, I went one better: I donated them to one of my fur-ends who is also a doggie foster mom (and mom to a few cutie pies of her own). SweetRelish is a site similar to Pinterest, but instead … [Read more...]

How to Help a Rescue Dog with Sweet Relish: Huh?

Isn’t shopping for dog products online a fun and easy way to get the things you and your want and need? Did you ever find an item online that you want to come back to or think “oh, I’ll remember that and check it out later,” and either you A) forget the link or B) you bookmark the site and become inundated with links which get lost in the shuffle. Well now you can help a rescue … [Read more...]