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Sweat the Small Stuff: Exercise With Your Dog

How often do you exercise with your  dog? Our friends at Slim Doggy live the mantra of keeping dogs fit on every level: Emotionally, physically, and mentally. Some of their movement juju has rubbed off on us here at Fidose of Reality. Our Puppy Relations (PR) Manager is Dexter, a 35-pound Cocker Spaniel. He is from a larger-than-normal litter of Cocker puppies that we dog … [Read more...]

Slim Doggy Launches Dog Food Database

What dog food should I feed my dog and is it safe, nutritional, affordable, and good for my dog in the long run? No doubt, one of the most hotly contested and widely written about topics in the dog world deals with their diet, the food dogs eat, and the safety of the ingredients. After the great dog food scare coupled with the savvy and scrutinous nature of today's modern dog … [Read more...]