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Creative Dog Games with Kibble #InspiredByCrafted

I am the world's worst cook. Seriously, I am one of the worst cooks in the world, and long-time readers of this blog know all too well about my culinary misgivings. I am so bad that the folks at The Food Network wanted me to appear as a contestant on their popular television show, Worst Cooks in America (click here to read why I said no).  Just because I lack cooking expertise … [Read more...]

Lifesaver Product for Dog Hot Spots and Stink

My dog had surgery in June and razor burn resulted. If a dog in your life has ever been down the surgery road, you know that veterinary staff shaves their fur to getting the dog as naked as possible. I know this is essential so a clean surgical area is presented to the doctor, but razor burn can, and does, occur. In June, our PR (Puppy Relations) Manager, Dexter, had … [Read more...]

How An Older Dog Got Her Mojo Back With #SomaPet

I want my dog to live as long as I do. I want my dog never to lose his mojo and zest for life. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve uttered those words to myself. As much as I wanted my precious Cocker Spaniel, Brandy Noel, to age with me into my twilight years, I knew deep inside my heart, this would never be possible. A great writer once penned, ““Dogs' lives are too … [Read more...]

SMARTCOOKEE Dog Treats Make Chia Seed Sexy

The barrage of dog treats available on today's store shelves can be overwhelming. So when we found out about a treat called "SMARTCOOKEE" for dogs, curiosity got the best of us. Can you imagine, then, a dog treat that contains chia seed and feature flavors that are fun, healthy, and oh so sexy? When selecting a treat for my dog and one we recommend to our readers, a … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Dog Into a Retro Pet

Santa Fe artist Krista Brooks creates Retro Pets Art Prints are created by (she calls ‘em “works of ARF”). I had the pleasure of meeting Brooks at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, earlier this year. When she moved to New Mexico in 1995, while standing in her bare apartment, she was inspired to make her first retro pet aintings. What began in the mid 90s has evolved into … [Read more...]

Exclusive Footage of Dog with Sony Action Cam

Ever wonder what your dog sees or does when you aren’t around? These things keep me awake at night, and the folks at Sony must be having the same dreams. While at the BlogPaws Social Media and Pet Bloggers Conference recently, Dexter and I stumbled on the Sony Dog Harness with wearable point-of-view camera—the Action Cam. Take one part cocker and one part Action Cam and we … [Read more...]

The Best Kept Secret in (Healthy) Dog Treats

Safe, healthy dog treats are a rare breed these days it seems. In many years of working in the pet industry, many dog treats have crossed my desk: Here, try this and your dog will love them. These are the tempting lines that come along with dog treats when companies want me Dexter to try them. About 4 years ago, a canister caught my eye and the ingredients within stopped me … [Read more...]

Portable Water Bowl for Dogs Hits the Marketplace

A water bowl for dogs that is easily transportable and houses bowl and water all in one sounds like a dream, right?  Thirsty Milo has a product on the market that serves that need, looks good doing it, and is made of impact-resistant HDPE (High-density polyethylene ),UV resistant dye added to avoid discolouration, dishwasher safe and made from recyclable plastic. A new portable … [Read more...]

Dog Toy Made from Cow Milking Machines

Dogs go “udderly” bonkers for the smell of cows; this much I know is true. The Helping Udders company has a dog toy that has made my pooch over the moon happy with puppy glee. Meet the Udder Tug. The Udder Tug is a dog toy made in the USA from recycled rubber liners used in machines to milk real cows. Contact with all those cows leaves an irresistible cow-smell that dogs seem … [Read more...]

Dog Snack Derived From Yak

...yak milk that is! Looking for a natural treat that your dog can chew on, lasts more than 10 minutes, doesn't stain carpeting, and isn't very expensive? In the latest segment of Animal Cafe, Mary Haight and Fidose of Reality talk Himalayan Dog Chews. Made of yak and cow milk, salt and a bit of lime. Not from China, these treats are sun-cured in the Himalayan mountains. Note: … [Read more...]