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Fact and Fiction About Dog Food

how to get your ex back This is my weekly column for Pet360 for Dog Appeal. Check out Fact Versus Fiction in Dog Food. “Old Mother Hubbard Went to the cupboard To get her poor dog a bone; But when she came there The cupboard was bare, And so the poor dog had none.” Old Mother Hubbard did not have the facts on what to feed her furry friend, but we know better so we … [Read more...]

Seven Products to Surprise Dog Moms

Mother's Day is here and dog moms can rejoice: Fidose of Reality celebrates with you. Wondering what to get the dog mom in your life? Or perhaps you want to treat your dog to something new and exciting to hit the marketplace. Well, we've got you covered with seven products to surprise dog moms. I was recently on television for a segment of Pet Talk with the fab Lauren … [Read more...]

Brush Your Dog's Teeth Means Adding Years to Their Life

If you can do just one thing just FoR today (FoR as in “Fidose of Reality”) to change your dog’s life, how paw-tastic would that be? How about brushing your dog's teeth easily and without a fuss? We’ve  been  scouring the world of dog news and sharing with Fidose of Reality readers tips to enhance your dog’s life and things to ensure they aren’t a victim of things like … [Read more...]

New Dog Bed With a Twist

Does your dog love his or her dog bed? Do you find that your dog likes laundry piles and might even curl up on warm towels right from the dryer? Better yet, my dog thinks my the human bed pillows are his own dog bed. Fidose of Reality discovered a product line that takes all of the above into consideration from the folks at Molly Mutt. By reusing old pillows, blankets, … [Read more...]

Nine Things You Don't Know About Westminster Kennel Club

  I like to touch dogs, be around dogs, and learn all about the history of breeds and what makes a dog’s tail wag. These are a few of the reasons I trek to New York City every February, Cocker Spaniel in tow, for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. In my feature pieces for Pet360 and Dogster magazine, I shared behind-the-scenes info and images from the recent 137th WKC … [Read more...]

Does the Hurtta Dog Snowsuit Deliver as Promise?

My dog has long hair and I’d like to have a way to prevent snowballs from sticking to him and making him cold.  Have you ever seen those hunks of snow that stick to a dog’s fur when the temperature drops, snow is on the ground, and your dog needs a walk? Or maybe your dog wants to play in the snow. What about a dog snowsuit? I also need something to keep my very white dog from … [Read more...]

New One-Stop Source for Pet Parents Launches

Fidose of Reality is forever on the prowl for the latest and greatest dog products, dog travel destinations, pet-friendly parenting tips, and dog news you can use. Pet parents, unite! was recently launched so we decided to take a peek and see what the bark is all about. At its core, offers tips and advice from pet parents, has thousands of pet products … [Read more...]