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Wigglebutt Warriors Set to Host Pet-Friendly Sold Out Gala Fundraiser

The Wigglebutt Warriors are set to put the “fun” in fundraising, as the creative duo hosts the sold-out, red carpet “Wigglebutts Uncorked” pet-welcoming gala on Saturday evening, April 16, 2016. Soar with the Wigglebutt Warriors in our crusade to save dogs’ lives. This is no ordinary fundraiser: This is Wigglebutts Uncorked at America’s Oldest Winery, Brotherhood. Wigglebutt … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Fundraiser Wants You

If you like celebrating and doing pet-friendly things with your dog, this is news you don’t want to miss. The Wigglebutts Uncorked dog friendly fundraiser is growing and the news is getting bigger! Here’s the scoop: What is Wigglebutts Uncorked? The hottest pet friendly fundraiser of the Spring 2016 is about to take flight, and you are invited: Soar with the Wigglebutt … [Read more...]

Flash Gift Basket Giveaway For Pet Adoption

Pet adoption is a topic near and dear to our hearts at Fidose of Reality. In honor of Adopt a Shelter Pet month, many companies, blogs, and businesses are celebrating, and that includes us! Dog lovers of the highest order, it's time to unite in joy with this announcement. The ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge Winners  were announced recently. Over the course of five years of … [Read more...]

Creative Pet Item Auction Site Launches for Rescue

By the end of this year, the Humane Society estimates that at least four million pets will find themselves in a shelter in the United States. Over one million of those pets will be euthanized. Ask any shelter or pet rescue volunteer what they need day after day to help get these pets homes and the answer will always be the same—money. Rochelle Epstein decided to do … [Read more...]

Five Things Pet Rescue Groups Do Wrong

Good rescue groups and organizations do not get enough credit for the painstaking, gut wrenching, heartfelt labor of love that goes into every effort in which they are involved. I am indirectly involved in dog rescue: Though I am not on the front lines, I am behind the scenes and involved in the fundraising and social media aspect of dog rescue. There are things, however, that … [Read more...]

Dog Teeth Trouble During Adopt a Pet Month

How near and dear is pet adoption to your heart? We are so determined to help get the word out about dogs in need, Fidose of Reality has formed Wigglebutt Warriors. For those unfamiliar, Wigglebutt Warriors we are crusading to save dogs' lives, plain and simple. We also crusading to save dog teeth during Adopt a Pet Month: Read on... People have asked me why I am spending my … [Read more...]

How to Win $1,000 for a 501c3 Pet Rescue

Do you know of a 501(c)3 pet shelter/rescue  that could use a $1,000 donation? Then you need to keep reading because Fidose of Reality has found a way for your favorite 501(c)3 pet rescue or shelter to have the opportunity to win a $1,000 donation. It's easy, no strings attached, but you need to pay attention and act fast. Here's the scoop on how to win $1,000 for a 501c3 pet … [Read more...]

Win Your Favorite Animal Shelter a Cash Donation

Right now there are millions of homeless dogs sitting in shelters all across America waiting for a forever home. One of the most frequent requests from animals shelters, second to helping spread the word about available dogs, is the need for money. How would you like to win your favorite animal shelter a cash donation? In order to help pets in need, people need to be … [Read more...]

Senior Citizen Superhero Forms Senior Dog Rescue Group

how to get ex girlfriend back (this article written by Terry Humerickhouse, a senior superhero for senior dog rescue) My passion for rescue began when I was 25 and newly married. My wife and I started rescuing Cocker Spaniels in 1985 and I have never looked back. In our first 14 years of rescue, we saved 14 Cockers and this was prior to the Internet. Facebook, adoption … [Read more...]

Free Pet Adoptions: Let a Dog Change Your Life

My neighbor's dog has had a profound impact on the lives of my previous Cocker Spaniel and the one who currently shares my life. Can a dog really change your life? (I've been asked that a time or two). Pet adoptions can have far reaching impact. Zola is a rescue dog, who came with the name Zyla Cocoa. Apparently she was a drug bust dog: The people who kept her were doing … [Read more...]