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Help Dogs Rescued From Horror: Bonus Prize Giveaway

Hell on earth is no place for any dog to call home. Yet, at least 46 dogs, mostly Cocker Spaniels, called a hot barn in the dreadful summer heat of rural Virginia, home for months and months: Maybe longer. We will not show you any graphic or upsetting photos in this post, but we are about to reveal some shocking, breaking news: A nightmare 501(c3) U.S.-based rescue group is … [Read more...]

How to Help a Lost Dog

A pet parent's worst nightmare, next to having their pet pass away, is having their pet go missing. Over the past 10 years or so, my spouse and I have helped reunited at least a dozen lost dogs with their frantic families.  The dogs seem to find their way to our house. If a dog goes missing, my wife and I like to joke that they find their way to us to help reunite them. It … [Read more...]

Dogs are Victims of Domestic Abuse

I remember with bone-chilling recall the interview I did with a woman who called herself Shelly. Shelley Lovett* went to the animal shelter with her husband to rescue a dog. Little did she know, the dog she would adopt ended up rescuing and empowering her to take life and leash into her own hands. What makes Shelley so different from millions of others who feel rescued and … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Save Dogs Lives

If you want to help rescue a pet or do something to help a homeless animal in need but aren't sure how, Fidose of Reality has ways you can help! Did we mention you don't even have to leave your home? Ever see those photos of dogs and cats in need of homes on Facebook and feel helpless (as I do)? Break free from that feeling with these ways to help a pet in need, hardly any time … [Read more...]