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What to Give Santa’s Favorite Dog for the Holidays #MakingDogsSmile

I know what I am giving Santa's Favorite Dog for the holidays. Made in America has a particularly extra emotion-inducing element to it these days. Readers of Fidose of Reality are familiar with our “if I can’t eat it or use it, neither can my dog” mantra. Here’s a clever stocking stuffer or an entire dog treat stocking full of gift ideas for your favorite pooch and his or her … [Read more...]

Enter the Deck The Howls Holiday Giveaway

Winners picked and they are:   There is one thing I am certain that Santa Claus loves doing: And that is giving things away! Today, I along with a bunch of my pet blogging pals, are taking the reins as Santa Claus...or is that Santa Paws: It's time for the Deck the Howls Holiday Giveaway!!! Look at those paw-tastic prizes you can win above: Who wouldn't want … [Read more...]

Dog Lovers Giveaway and 24-Hour Sale

Dog lovers of the highest order, unite! The Fidose of Reality Dog Lovers' Online Store features adorable t-shirts, unique dog lover jewelry, home accents, and more. We are selective about the merchandise and are growing. As part of our grand opening of the online store, welcome to the dog lover giveaway and Friday the 13th sale lasting 24 hours! The sale features most items … [Read more...]

Surviving the Holiday Season After Pet Loss

Love never ends. Those are the words etched on a locket given to me by my wife the year our Cocker Spaniel died.  And for as long as I have a dog in my life, I will grieve time and time and time again. It is especially hard when certain times the year roll around. Thanksgiving is upon us and I know that deep angst that hides in the recesses of my heart will rear itself once … [Read more...]

Dog Trick or Dog Treat $1000 Prizes Giveaway #TrickorTreatDogs

It's dog trick and dog treat time! Two things are at the epitome of our blog: Health and wellness for dogs. Part of keeping your dog healthy involves his or her mental well being. Despite the adage that you "can't teach an old dog new tricks," we say phooey! Dogs of any age can learn new tricks: It just takes a little gentle coaxing, working within the dog's overall state of … [Read more...]

Ultimate Dog Lover T-Shirts and Giveaway #MountainArtWear #sponsored

I am a dog mom to the core and my heart beats dog.® I love that quote so much that I trademarked it, and recently I discovered a company that allows me to wear my heart that beats dog on my sleeve, quite literally, see? If you are a dog lover and love t-shirts that say so, keep reading... The folks at The Mountain® produce American-made apparel that embodies the spirit … [Read more...]

How to Prepare a Dog for Weather Emergencies #NatlPrep

How prepared are you for an emergency evacuation with your pets when time matters? What if there were literally minutes to flee your abode: What would you take? Where would you go? Do you have an emergency pack ready for your dog? Weather emergencies can affect any of us. On August 29, 2005, 10 years ago, the folks in New Orleans faced the fury that was Hurricane Katrina.In … [Read more...]

The #NationalDogDay Dog Lover Necklace Giveaway

It is said that every dog gets his (or her) day: And August 26th is National Dog Day: So celebrate, wag with us, and raise a sparkling water bowl in honor of your dog.  And we have a dog lover necklace giveaway! There is no dog that is like yours: Of course, there are millions and millions of dogs out there...and maybe today is a day you decide to bring a new dog home from a … [Read more...]

Help Dogs Rescued From Horror: Bonus Prize Giveaway

Hell on earth is no place for any dog to call home. Yet, at least 46 dogs, mostly Cocker Spaniels, called a hot barn in the dreadful summer heat of rural Virginia, home for months and months: Maybe longer. We will not show you any graphic or upsetting photos in this post, but we are about to reveal some shocking, breaking news: A nightmare 501(c3) U.S.-based rescue group is … [Read more...]

Seven Summer Safety Tips Dogs Wish You Knew

The fourth of July is a time of fun, enjoyment, celebration, and unfortunately, fireworks. If you are a dog parent whose dog is unaffected by the bombs bursting in air, rejoice! Millions of dogs are petrified of loud sounds and the fourth of July only adds to their misery. Here are seven summer safety tips to keep in mind and share this time of year (and all summer … [Read more...]