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Clever Healthy Dog Stocking Stuffers #BayerExpertCare

Do you have a dog first aid kit? Do your friends and family members with dogs have a first aid kit for their pets on hand? If you want to gift a dog mom or dog dad with a clever healthy dog gift this holiday season, consider giving them a "just in case" kit of items their dog needs. Since even the most well-prepared pet parent needs to replenish a first aid kit (and because … [Read more...]

Things You Do Not Have in Your Dog First Aid Kit

Right now there is probably a dog first aid kit of some sort in your apartment, dog supply closet, storage area, or glove box, right? At the very least, there are items in it that generally include gauze pads, swabs, thermometer, tweezers, and some sort of wound care ointment. Those are all fine and dandy and essential to a first aid kit, but do you know about these 7 staples … [Read more...]