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A Non-Surgical Approach to My Dog’s ACL Tear: Brace Time

Having a dog with a leg injury is no fun. The limited mobility, wishing they could tell you "where it hurts", and not allowing them to engage in activities that could worsen their pain (running, jumping, etc), are all factors in any sort of limb or muscle boo boo. My dog partially tore his anterior cruciate ligament  (ACL) in his left knee and we are taking the conservative … [Read more...]

Brush Your Dog's Teeth Means Adding Years to Their Life

If you can do just one thing just FoR today (FoR as in “Fidose of Reality”) to change your dog’s life, how paw-tastic would that be? How about brushing your dog's teeth easily and without a fuss? We’ve  been  scouring the world of dog news and sharing with Fidose of Reality readers tips to enhance your dog’s life and things to ensure they aren’t a victim of things like … [Read more...]

Insider Secrets: Pet-Friendly Potty Break Tips and TV

Pet friendly travel can be fun, exciting and memorable, but it can also be a bit of a challenge especially when it comes to pit stops and bathroom breaks. What is a road warrior to do when it comes to bathroom options away from home? Using these time-tested traveler tips, your dog will be handling the pit stops of life's highways and byways with ease.  In addition, … [Read more...]

The One Conference Pet Bloggers Must Attend

With the 2013 BlogPaws Conference right around the corner and in honor of "Wordless Wednesday," a time-honored tradition of letting pictures speak volumes, Fidose of Reality is grateful to be going to their fifth BlogPaws Conference. Yes, that's right: We've been a part of BlogPaws since the very beginning! Pet bloggers must come to this! I will never skip one of these … [Read more...]

Breed-Specific Legislation Is All Bark, No Bite

Dogs are a product of their environments, and we, as pet owners, have a responsibility to train them properly to ensure the safety of those around us. Bad dogs come from bad owners, yet some breeds, like pit bulls and rottweilers, have been targeted by breed-specific legislation (BSL) that attempts to regulate or ban these dogs in many communities throughout the U.S. However, … [Read more...]

Diary of a Dog Undergoing Laser Treatment: Entry One

A partially torn ACL and a strained iliopsoas muscle. My dog has a leg injury and in an attempt to avoid a full tear and surgery, we’re undergoing laser treatment. try on glasses online “Wow, doesn’t that hurt?” and “Does he sit still for it?” are both questions I’ve been asked along this journey. In order to take Fidose of Reality readers behind the scenes and give you an … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes of Dog Agility

If having fun with your dog without getting involved in serious competitive sports sound like fun, meet Patches. Dog agility is the name of his game. Patches is a Cocker Spaniel (and half brother to our PR - Puppy Relations - Manager, Dexter_  who shares his life with dog mom, Nancy Height, of Connecticut. Nancy wanted to do some fun sporting activities with her dog without … [Read more...]

What Four Products Could Help Rescue Dogs

Two things make my heart that beats dog go a little faster: Helping dogs and finding good products for those rescue dogs. So when the folks at Sweet Relish sent me a box of goodies to try out, I went one better: I donated them to one of my fur-ends who is also a doggie foster mom (and mom to a few cutie pies of her own). SweetRelish is a site similar to Pinterest, but instead … [Read more...]

How My Love of Dogs Helped Me Form a Career: And How You Can Too

My love of dogs helped me form a career....the love for dogs actually catapulted me into this profession. In 2010, I walked into a BlogPaws conference in Ohio and found a kindred connection with hundreds of other pet bloggers. We came together to network, grow, learn, monetize, and explore the possibilities of being a pet blogger. My dog and I have attended all four to date: in … [Read more...]

Winners of Gift Baskets of Dog Treats from Scout and Zoes

Chicken jerky and pet treat recalls have made the news and might have even affected a dog in your family, perhaps your own. So when the folks at Scout & Zoe's told me they had added new dog treats to their line, including chicken jerky, I hesitated. Then I had a chat with the founder of Scout & Zoe's and feel comfortable feeding this product to my own dog. Scout … [Read more...]