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Cat Mom Needs Dog Help for #NationalDogDay

Can each of you give $5 today because you love dogs and want to help a pooch in need? Pet lovers are all connected in some way, shape, or form on #NationalDogDay: No matter what pet you love or what you call that pet, we're connected. When cat mom/cat blogger, Robin Olson of Covered in Cat contacted me about helping a dog in need, the hairs on the back of my neck stood … [Read more...]

Spot of Sanity: PTSD Dog

Editor’s Note: Fidose of Reality is proud to have a new guest contributor on board with us. Twice a month on Thursdays, we’ll be sharing this new column dubbed “A Spot of Sanity.” Please welcome Kim Kiernan and her Cocker Spaniel, Poppy, to the Fidose family. Here's Kim's first column if you missed it: Room spinning. … [Read more...]

Spot of Sanity Column Launches

  Editor's Note: Fidose of Reality is proud to have a new guest contributor on board with us. Twice a month on Thursdays, we'll be sharing this new column dubbed "A Spot of Sanity." Please welcome Kim Kiernan and her Cocker Spaniel, Poppy, to the Fidose family. I admit that lately I've felt like a basket case. Trying internet dating recently made me more anxious … [Read more...]

Should Dogs Wear Clothes?

What are your thoughts about dogs wearing clothes? Should dogs don couture in the name of good looks alone or should clothing only serve a warming function? Do you dress your dog up? What do you tell people who think it's ridiculous that dogs wear clothes? I wondered, too, so like any good journalist, I wrote about it for Dogster and talked to  those in dog fashion and even at … [Read more...]

Get the Latest Dog Friendly Travel News

If you love traveling with your dog friendly travel  (or want to travel with your dog), we've got news: Fidose of Reality is taking to the airwaves. We will be interviewed on Thursday, July 19, on by dynamic duo, Robbin and Joe Everett. Fidose will be dishing pet-friendly places, insider tips and hints for traveling with a dog, things to take that will make the trip … [Read more...]

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Bret Michaels Pets Rock Swag for Dogs

CONTEST IS CLOSED - THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED - KEEP WATCHING FOR MORE CONTEST SWAG AND FUN! In honor of summer, we’re giving dog parents an opportunity to rock out and win merchandise from the Bret Michaels Pets Rock collection from PetSmart. If your Cocker is a Rocker or your Mutt likes to strut, here’s your opportunity to win dog swag from the Bret Michaels Pets Rock … [Read more...]

Pet Friendly Maine: Cape Elizabeth and Inn by the Sea

Looking to plan a dog-friendly, dog-welcoming getaway this fall? Take one part ocean, a few parts shopping, large servings of delicious food, and toss in a town that rolls out the red carpet to dogs and you’ve got Cape Elizabeth, Portland, and Freeport Maine. Fidose of Reality has visited many places and makes no bones about it: Maine is one of the most pet friendly states … [Read more...]

Fidose Attends Most Expensive Dog Wedding in History

Has your pet ever been in a wedding? Has your dog ever attended a wedding? We now can cross "attending the world's most expensive dog wedding" off our bucket list, as Dexter and I had a front row (and paw) seat for the gal event. Knowing that the event's donations and dollars earned will be donated to The Humane Society of New York is icing on the cake, "paw-don" the pun. My … [Read more...]

How to Prevent A Dog Bite

The Center for Disease Control estimates that about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. It's summer time, more dogs are outside, and more people are interacting with dogs as it's the social time of year. So how can you prevent a dog bite and help educate others to do the same? Like this. Always ask the dog’s guardian for permission before approaching and … [Read more...]

What Should I Do If My Dog Has a Lump

The Great Imposter. That’s what she called it. It’s just a lump and looks like a pimple. I shouldn’t be concerned. But the dog mom and "worrier" in me, along with thinking "but what if it is something” resonated otherwise. When a tiny raised lump appeared on my Cocker Spaniel’s shoulder blade about two weeks after getting her then yearly vaccinations, I felt a … [Read more...]