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How to Go on Road Trips With a Dog

I’ve been traveling with a dog on road trips for 23 years. The only time a dog has not accompanied me and my spouse on a trip is when it doesn’t involve the road. I will never fly with a dog unless he could have his own seat next to me. I digress. Going on road trips with a dog is a fun, bonding experience but not for the unprepared.  I’ve learned quite a few things over the … [Read more...]

How to Rock a Road Trip With Your Dog

How to rock a road trip with your dog is the topic for today and here's why: “How is Dexter doing going cross country,” appeared on my Instagram feed “My dog seems to be bored.” This is all too common for road warrior dog moms and dads taking to the nation’s highways and biways for a trip. In our case, we are traveling from Pennsylvania to Lake Las Vegas for the 6th … [Read more...]

Do's and Don'ts When Traveling With Dogs

Are you a road warrior or a road worrier? Twenty years ago when I started traveling with dogs, I admit I fell into the latter category. How could I possibly visit friends across the country and make sure my dog was not left behind? Back then folks used to do a double take when I mentioned traveling with my dog. Today, we know better and we travel more frequently with Fido in … [Read more...]

Help Your Dog Have a Stress-Free Move

Moving can be a very tense time for the family dog, and Fidose of Reality has enlisted the help of a guest blogger to share moving tips. A stress-free moves makes everyone, Fido included, happy. As much the transition from your old home to the new one might be hard for you, be sure that it is at least three times more difficult for your furry friend. Leaving the already … [Read more...]

Turn your dog road worrier to travel warrior

Few things are more disheartening on a dog-friendly vacation or road trip as when a dog is fearful, has gastric upset, or becomes nervous far from home. Using our nearly 20 years of dog-friendly travel experiences, here are five time-tested dog-friendly travel tips to turn any road “warrior” into a road “warrior:” Car Aversion: Never force or make a travel fearful dog to “face … [Read more...]