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Virginia is for dog lovers

Sightsee. Shop. Salute. Sniff. Stay. Something for the two-legged and four-legged variety all rolled up into one heart-shaped slogan. You already know this state loves people, but did you know Virginia is for dog lovers, too? Prestigious enough to earn itself a recent spot on Madi­son Avenue’s Walk of Fame in Manhattan, the slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” pertains to dogs and … [Read more...]

Pet tolerant or pet welcoming: Traveling with your dog

Recently yours truly was invited to speak at the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau to a group of both well-established and newly growing businesses. What they had in common is the desire to become more pet friendly. Having traveled with dogs for 16 years and working for the leading magazine in dog travel, I rejoiced at the opportunity. What I shared with the group of executives … [Read more...]

Top 9 tips for traveling with dogs

Vacation: Those eight letters that so many of us pine for, perhaps once a year or perhaps a weekend getaway. For many canine owners, hitting the open road with an excursion in mind can also mean thirteen other letters: No Dogs Allowed! Traveling with dogs can be done and we have some tips. Fortunately, you are an owner who wants to take the family dog(s) along, hence the … [Read more...]

Paw-er Women: Starting your own dog vacation camp: Part 4 of 10

How cool would it be to take a fabulous vacation with your dog where every nuance, activity, and aspect was for, with, and about dogs? What if your dog could be there every step of the way and it was more his vacation and you, the human parent, are along for the educational and fun-filled ride? Janice Costa loved this idea so much that she built a business around it. Vacations … [Read more...]

On The Road With Rover – Car Safety for your Dog

Every so often I see a dog riding in the car with its head out a back window or even worse, being held so it doesn’t jump out the front window.  Knowing how dangerous these things are, I’ve been meaning to write an article about car safety for some time now.  But after learning of two incidents this week involving people I know I now feel it’s my responsibility.  Each of these … [Read more...]

Where to go when you stay: Peeing pet-iquette 101

Love traveling with your dog? Taking Bowser on a bountiful road trip? Weekend warriors cruising down Route 66, Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise? Well, you get the reference points. When Fido's gotta go, Fido simply must go. As a traveler whose idea of a sidekick requires potty breaks, there's a bit of petiquette to pee when traveling life's highways and biways. Here, then, … [Read more...]

Top 10 Dog Friendly Leaf Peeping Destinations

Imagine you and your dog crunching through autumn’s quilt that blankets our nation’s trees this fall.Though the calendar says August, pumpkins and cornstalks will be here in two shakes of a tail. Maybe you'd like to plan a weekend warrior getaway or a week-long exploration with your pooch. Dog friendly destinations are ripe on the vine! Not sure if you’re a leaf peeper? Do … [Read more...]

Who Are Fidose of Reality Dog Lovers

Fidose of Reality is a blog where dog lovers of the highest order unite.™ What makes this blog different and why you should sniff around and bookmark us? We feature Rover-ing reporter "DexMarksHisSpot" with dog travels, dog health and wellness, dog news and featured Fidos. All the bark, nary a bite, dogs to the max. Our heart beats dog and we wag for those who gush with us, … [Read more...]