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Five Hidden Secrets About Dog Friendly Travel

Over the past 23 years, we have taken dozens of dog friendly trips. It is rare that I travel without a dog (only if I fly).  As with all of our dog friendly travels over the course of 23 years, we learn something new every time. Indeed, there are hidden secrets about dog friendly travel; well, they were a secret until now. Size Matters Weight limits drive me a bit insane. … [Read more...]

Dog Travel Survey Reveals Surprising Results

  As we continue our dog-friendly Fidose Across America tour, the timing of the second annual State of U.S. Pet Travel study** from DogVacay could not have come at a better time. Are you one of those people who likes dog travel? The survey reveals several surprising results around the impact sharing life with a dog can have on travel. Here at Fidose of Reality, we … [Read more...]

How to Rock a Road Trip With Your Dog

How to rock a road trip with your dog is the topic for today and here's why: “How is Dexter doing going cross country,” appeared on my Instagram feed “My dog seems to be bored.” This is all too common for road warrior dog moms and dads taking to the nation’s highways and biways for a trip. In our case, we are traveling from Pennsylvania to Lake Las Vegas for the 6th … [Read more...]

Win $100 Gift Basket of Sam’s Yams Dog Treats

How would you like to win $100 of goodies from our friends at Sam's Yams Dog Treats to help us kick off the 2014 Fidose Across America tour? We are going from city to city, finally stopping on Lake Las Vegas for the BlogPaws Conference that is oh so pet friendly.... and then onto Los Angeles and many other cities throughout May. We hope you will follow along with us from sea … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Bucket List for Your Dog?

A few years ago, the movie The Bucket List starred Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as men who listed the things they wanted to do before they died. This got me to thinking: What about our dogs? If dogs had their way, what would they put on a bucket list? Dogs already live carefree and in the moment, so what exactly would go on that list? Holding my little girl as she … [Read more...]

The Must Have Dog-Friendly Travel Book and Contest

People who travel with their dogs: Rejoice. Finally someone has written a book targeting the dog-friendly traveler that cuts right to the chase. Dog-friendly travel is no easy feat, but now the guesswork is gone. As a person who has been traveling with dogs for well over 20 years, I pride myself on finding the latest, greatest, most affordable, and sometimes high end and … [Read more...]

Six Reasons I Stopped Going to Dog Parks

I am a dog mom who likes to travel with her dog. I am not alone: Many of us take our dog with us when traveling, and part of our travels used to include dog parks. My cross country travels have taken us from sea to shining sea, where many towns have rolled out the grassy welcome mat with dog parks. My dog, Dexter, has been socialized, is in possession of his Canine Good … [Read more...]

Dog Travel Dos and Don’ts for the Holiday Season

Are you a road warrior or a road worrier? Twenty years ago when I started traveling with dogs, I admit I fell into the latter category. How could I possibly visit friends across the country and make sure my dog was not left behind? Back then folks used to do a double take when I mentioned traveling with my dog. Today, we know better and we travel more frequently with Fido in … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Help Your Dog Survive Holiday Visits

The holidays are a time of great comfort and joy and commiserating with family and friends. Fidose readers know that family includes dogs, so over the river and through the woods we all go ... until we skid on ice. There are many ways to help your dog survive holiday visits, though. Helping your dog survive the holiday visits is essential to family harmony. If your dog is … [Read more...]

Six Dog Friendly Holiday Traditions to Start

I am often considered to be "that lady who takes her dog everywhere" in some circles, and nothing could make me more proud.  Having dog friendly holiday traditions is something we look forward to in our family every year. Holiday traditions are meant for the whole family to enjoy, and that family includes your dog, right? Looking to create some fun new memories and holiday … [Read more...]