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Top 10 Pet Safe Vehicles Revealed

I like websites and sources of authority that are not getting paid to promote a certain vehicle, but instead tell the truth; sort of a Consumer Reports of what is safe, what isn't, and why. Pet safety, as it applies to this list, is in the eye of the beholder. For some, safety means UV rays being blocked from bothering Fido (dogs can get sunburned in a car) to tethers and … [Read more...]

Dog Does Global Pet Expo: Wordless Wednesday Style

Global Pet Expo has come and gone, and Fidose of Reality was a part of it. For the second year in a row, we ascended on the Orange County Convention Center with team BlogPaws to find the latest and greatest products coming to the pet world. Like a true dog traveler, our Puppy Relations (PR) Manager, Dexter, was along for the ride from Pennsylvania to Florida. Have dog, will … [Read more...]

Fidose of Reality Dexter 2012 Year In Review

Fidose of Reality has had one of its best years ever and it is thanks to our loyal fans and our PR (Puppy Relations) Manager, Dexter. Our 2012 year in review goes beyond words. From the walks in our neighborhood to the cross country road trips and all the visits to pet expos, shows, and events all year long, our hearts beat dog.® Our favorite moments cannot be captured in … [Read more...]

Do's and Don'ts When Traveling With Dogs

Are you a road warrior or a road worrier? Twenty years ago when I started traveling with dogs, I admit I fell into the latter category. How could I possibly visit friends across the country and make sure my dog was not left behind? Back then folks used to do a double take when I mentioned traveling with my dog. Today, we know better and we travel more frequently with Fido in … [Read more...]

Help Your Dog Have a Stress-Free Move

Moving can be a very tense time for the family dog, and Fidose of Reality has enlisted the help of a guest blogger to share moving tips. A stress-free moves makes everyone, Fido included, happy. As much the transition from your old home to the new one might be hard for you, be sure that it is at least three times more difficult for your furry friend. Leaving the already … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Roadtripping to Alaska with Dogs

Meet Rocky. Rocky is ready to go on vacation with his mom and dad. He hates it when they go places without him, and he knows they will have a lot more fun if they take him along. He hears they are going to Alaska. He doesn’t know where that is, but road trips to places like Grocery Store, Dog Park, and Vet’s Office have always been fun, so he’s game. Rocky likes Alaska with … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Fall Getaways

Do you like to travel with your dog and perhaps pine of seeing some fall leaves turning with Fido by your side? You are in good company. According to Smart Money magazine, more and more people are traveling with pets on dog friendly trips. I count myself as one of the scores of people who takes vacations, day trips, and long weekend getaways with my dog. One of the best times … [Read more...]

Get the Latest Dog Friendly Travel News

If you love traveling with your dog friendly travel  (or want to travel with your dog), we've got news: Fidose of Reality is taking to the airwaves. We will be interviewed on Thursday, July 19, on by dynamic duo, Robbin and Joe Everett. Fidose will be dishing pet-friendly places, insider tips and hints for traveling with a dog, things to take that will make the trip … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Lobster Shack and Freeport Maine

Maine is a very dog-welcoming state, as we can attest, having visited there several times with our Cocker Spaniel in tow. Two of the biggest challenges when traveling with a dog can be where to eat with Fido and where to shop. Fidose of Reality met those challenges on our last visit to Maine, and here are two of our recommendations. In case you missed it, here is part one of … [Read more...]

Pet Friendly Maine: Cape Elizabeth and Inn by the Sea

Looking to plan a dog-friendly, dog-welcoming getaway this fall? Take one part ocean, a few parts shopping, large servings of delicious food, and toss in a town that rolls out the red carpet to dogs and you’ve got Cape Elizabeth, Portland, and Freeport Maine. Fidose of Reality has visited many places and makes no bones about it: Maine is one of the most pet friendly states … [Read more...]