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The Almost Million Dollar Dog Show Story

I almost became a contestant on a million dollar television game show. Almost. Six letters; one word; enough to shake the inner core of who I am. The almost closeness. The almost but not quite maybe. The close but no cigar almost that is oh so nearly there but oh so far away that I still look back and think, “what just happened to me?” What in tarnation am I talking about? I … [Read more...]

Why National Dog Day Should Be Celebrated Daily

This story was written years ago for my Cocker Spaniel, Brandy Noel. In honor of National Dog Day, I dedicate this story to Brandy, to my Dexter, and to all the dogs everywhere who touch our hearts and our lives every day. Make every day a National Dog Day - hug them, cherish them, and love them. I never could have imagined walking into an animal shelter that crisp Sunday, … [Read more...]

Three Gifts from a Dog Angel

It is often said that things tend to come in threes.  Three musketeers, three amigos, three signs of something. Three gifts from a dog angel, perhaps. Indeed, it is often said by many (and I am a firm believer in this) that those who we love and lose will send us signs from beyond. Some may call that place heaven, the great beyond, eternity, or the great unknown. For me, … [Read more...]

Gilda Radner's tale inspires dog moms

In her autobiography, It's Always Something, the late great Gilda Radner, closed her masterfully told life's journey with this story of how one dog mom had a profound lasting effect on her litter of puppies. It is with great joy and pride that on this day to celebrate moms, Fidose of Reality shares this tale. For all who care for a dog, may the sun shine extra bright on your … [Read more...]

The Secret Pee Pee Place of the Boys: Fidose Friday Funny

By the time Friday wags around, who can't use a good laugh amongst us? Each Friday, Fidose of Reality will feature a doggone Friday Funny to brighten your day and kick off the weekend with a smile. Our inaugural Fidose Friday Funny comes from Devri Owens, dog mom to Thurman Malm, a 4 year old Miniature-Dachshund and Brian Malm, a 4 year old Chihuahua-mix.. Owens hails from … [Read more...]