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Pet Blogging For Love And Money Book Tour Giveaway

Pet Blogging For Love & Money is on tour and you are invited to come along. In conjunction with Maggie Marton, I co-authored a book that is making its rounds on the official book tour! Summon the trumpets and toss the confetti! The reason I wanted to write this book is to help pet lovers establish or grow a successful social media presence and/or blog, whether for the … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Dog Popular on Social Media

Do you want to make your dog popular on social media? Depending on your definition of popular and why you want your dog to be noticed online, there are many dedicated ways to make it happen. Here are several ways to make your dog popular on social media, step by step: Determine a Social Media Goal(s) Why do you want your dog to be recognized on social media? Is it for a … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make Your Dog an Internet Sensation

How would you like your dog to be an Internet sensation? It does not happen overnight, and it also depends on what your definition of "sensation" is, but having a blog is a pivotal part of the formula from our experience. As you read through the 5 ways to make your dog an internet sensation, remember that you need to work for it and not just wish for it. I am often asked how … [Read more...]