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Dog Parent Rights at the Veterinary Office

As a dog parent, I feel vulnerable when I enter the veterinary office. As a long-time dog blogger/writer, I am coming clean with you all right now. I am there as my dog’s advocate, but walking through the front doors of the veterinarian’s office, a twinge of vulnerability and anxiety runs through my veins. Part of it is knowing I am there for a checkup of my dog  (and don’t … [Read more...]

Things That Dog Parents Say Proud and Aloud

“How was the dog's poop today, honey?” “Good, fully formed and no mush. What time do you want to grocery shop tonight?” This is an actual exchange of words between myself and my spouse. Recently, years ago, and probably tomorrow, too. We are not alone. See how many of these conversations and quips you’ve said aloud, perhaps to a friend or co-worker, or maybe even to the … [Read more...]

How To Introduce Your Dog’s Other Parent

I had no idea how to introduce my dog's other parent for the longest time. "She isn't my sister, she's my dog's other mommy," was uttered at least once or twice a month...well, at least in my mind. How would you like to say that for almost 20 years? Up until the fall of 2013, for the past 20 years of my life, that's something I dreamed of saying aloud time and again but … [Read more...]