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My Dog Will Soon Be a PupScout

My dog's next big thing is to become a PupScout! Dexter added a new item to his doggie bucket list: Becoming a full-fledged, badge-wearing member of Pupscouts Troop 4. Besides the fun and camaraderie, I'll be keeping him active, learning new skills, engaging with pet parents who have similar interests, and seeing if I can finally get my "loves mud and puddles" to jump … [Read more...]

Lifestyles of the Rich and Furry: Dogs who celebrate life

She has her own closet and wardrobe. He has a professional photographer take exclusive underwater shots during a swim session. Oh, and she has been on Oprah, Good Morning America, Martha Stewart, and The Today Show. These references belong to refined Fidos whose owners have replaced champagne wishes with designer dishes. Lifestyles of the rich and furry is here. Rob and … [Read more...]