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Pawer Women: Starting a dog-oriented business: Pet Chinese Herbalist: Part 2 of 10

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Jane Finnell at BlogPaws 2011, where she was an attendee at my guest speaking engagement on Getting Traditional Media Coverage for Bloggers. She is a pawer woman. Amanda exudes a natural ray of sunshine. Ever meet someone and get the vibe they are going to go far in their life’s journey? Amanda is one of those people. We chatted and were … [Read more...]

Things to do with your dog on rainy days

Yesterday we talked about what to do if you've got a chubby puppy, a husky Husky, or simply stated: a portly pooch. But what to do about rainy days and the impending winter season? Historically we all put on extra weight in the winter months, right? Not necessarily. Rainy days and winter days need not mean boredom. Unto each life a little rain must fall, but that doesn’t … [Read more...]

My dog is fat: Now what? Part One of Two

"Your dog should lose some weight." Dreaded words, dastardly in fact, that dog owners dread being dictated at the doctor's (aka vet). Though humans can make healthy food choices and monitor their indulgences, dogs depend on what their guardians allow them to have. Indeed, with any medical condition ruled out, the number of overweight dogs in this country is astounding. What … [Read more...]

Pet health insurance: What dog owners need to know (and ask)

Does my dog need pet health insurance? Is it worth it? These are questions I am asked frequently; enough to to merit a blog post addressing the topic of pet health insurance and what consumers should ask and look into before making the leap. For me is it worth it? You bet. I'm one of those do whatever is necessary to take care of my dog people. With that, I view pet health … [Read more...]

Where to go when you stay: Peeing pet-iquette 101

Love traveling with your dog? Taking Bowser on a bountiful road trip? Weekend warriors cruising down Route 66, Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise? Well, you get the reference points. When Fido's gotta go, Fido simply must go. As a traveler whose idea of a sidekick requires potty breaks, there's a bit of petiquette to pee when traveling life's highways and biways. Here, then, … [Read more...]

Halo Pets celebrates August 30th: Holistic day for pets

As someone who believes in the less-chemicals-the-better philosophy for dogs, Halo Pets is celebrating that mantra on August 30th, and always. Do you feed or know about holistic food for pets? HALO believes this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and promote all the things we do (or should do) to take care of our pets’ bodies, minds and souls and how we live within the … [Read more...]

Household Item Danger to Dogs

All dogs are diamonds in the rough: They enter our lives and immediately begin adding a sparkle and glisten where once there was not. Then there are moments when the diamonds make things, well, rough. However,  there is a household item many of us have that poses a danger to dogs. Just ask Jane Lyons, whose dog survived what could have been a nearly fatal household … [Read more...]

Heartworm Treatment Medicine Shortage

The American Heartworm Society recently released an urgent guide to veterinarians about the lack of heartworm treatment availability. What does this mean to dog owners and lovers like you and me? Crisis central. For rescue groups like Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue, this is a nightmare. So why is this happening and what can be done? The only drug approved in the … [Read more...]

How to prevent dog bites

Dogs can bite. Not all of them, not to intentionally cause us grief, but there are dogs who bite. There are ways to prevent dog bites. I asked Dr. Pam Reid about dog bite prevention. Dr. Pam Reid is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (C.A.A.B.), and currently serves as Vice President of the Animal Behavior Center in ASPCA Animal Health Services. Dr. Reid is not only a … [Read more...]

Dog Who Sees With His Heart

Never underestimate the spirit of a dog. Do you know a dog who sees with his heart? I sure do. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a CockerPalooza event. Say what? Indeed, a group of people and their cocker spaniels convene to chat, share wigglebutt stories and simply enjoy each other’s company of the human and canine variety. One of the many stories that emerged on … [Read more...]