Purrs And Paws Holiday Giveaway 2018

Dog lovers, it's time for a holiday giveaway to enter to win some wag-tastic prizes to the tune of almost $500 dollars’ worth! Just like the 12 days of Christmas, 12 pet bloggers have come together to run a week-long flash giveaway. The best part is YOU get all the presents! Entering is easy, fun, and the prizes are fabulous. Here are the three prizes up for grabs just for … [Read more...]

Teach Your Dog Hide and Seek Trick or Treat Giveaway

It's time for the Trick or Treat Giveaway 2018 for dog lovers! We teach a trick, you get treats! Hide and seek is a fun game to play with your dog during cold weather, on rainy days, and just for some indoor fun. It's also a neat trick of sorts that you can teach your dog. No matter your dog's age, this is fun for dogs of all ages and also to help train them. My dog is … [Read more...]

Dog Moms Rock Goodies Giveaway

Just in time for the month that spotlight Mother's Day, Fidose of Reality is super excited to announce the Dog Moms Rock Goodies Giveaway. We want you to tweet about the love between you and your dog(s)! Easy, fun, and there are prizes involved. Testing a PDF Why does my relationship with my dog impact me on such a deep level? Perhaps you feel the same way about your dog. … [Read more...]

How to Stop Dog Fighting #GetTough

Want to stop dog fighting? April 8 is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, an annual day to raise awareness about the prevalence of dog fighting and encourage animal lovers to take action against it. Fidose of Reality is helping to take a stand against the horrible act that is dog fighting, and without any graphic images, we hope you will join us in helping to stop dog … [Read more...]

How to Test Your Dog for Genetic Diseases

Science has come a long way, and that includes cutting edge insights into the health conditions that might affect our beloved dogs. Imagine if you could test your dog for genetic diseases whether that dog is from a rescue, a shelter, a foster, or a breeder. Imagine that during that genetic screening that you could determine your dog's ancestry, as in what breeds comprise your … [Read more...]

Westminster Kennel Club Viewing Party Giveaway

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show less than two weeks away, all pet lovers and pets are starting to wonder who will be crowned this year’s “Best in Show." For the fifth year in a row, Fidose of Reality is covering the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and will have a backstage pass for all Fidose readers. So stay tuned and follow along. Official television coverage is Monday, … [Read more...]

Win a #TeamDog Spirit Pack for Super Bowl

It's Super Bowl weekend, and that can only mean one thing: People across the globe are tuning in for the commercials, the pigskin, and of course, The Puppy Bowl! Well, our friends at The Lucy Pet Foundation have stepped up with one of the best commercials of this upcoming weekend and WE have the entire clip. Founder of the Lucy Pet Foundation, Joey Herrick, is known to many … [Read more...]

Win a Back to School K9Kelp Shopping Spree

It's back to school time and it's time to make your dog the "teacher's pet." Fidose of Reality has teamed up with our fur-ends at K9 Kelp to bring you a Back-to-School Shopping Spree giveaway times three! Three lucky Fidose of Reality readers will win a K9 Kelp shopping spree of: $100 dollars $50 dollars $25 dollars Here's the scoop:  Our Puppy Relations (PR) … [Read more...]

Veterinarian Dishes Paw Power and Giveaway

When Dr. Laurie Coger sought the addition of a vitamin-mineral supplement to feed her dogs, the veterinarian and breeder who feeds a raw diet to her dogs, came up short handed. “I have used various products in the past that I have loved -- and sadly watched their formulas change, removing ingredients I valued and adding things I wanted to avoid,” Coger says. [Tweet … [Read more...]

Win Doggy Baggage Dog Travel Totes

Could you use a gorgeous and sturdy tote to carry your dog's items? Check out the Doggy Baggage product review we wrote and then read on.... CONTEST CLOSED Unlike other pet travel bags in today’s market, Doggy Baggage is not a pet carrier nor is it just for dogs! Its design has proven to be the most convenient and useful pet organizer available. Made of 100%, 18 oz. … [Read more...]