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National Craft for your Local Shelters Day

Two areas in which I was not blessed: cooking and sewing. Crafting, however, if someone shows me how, can be done. Enter Erika Lindquist and her pawsome pooch, Sebastian.  Erika is the founder and mastermind behind, a website of handmade fashions and DIY crafts for pets. A recent entry shows how to make to make sparkly dog wrist cuffs. Fidose of Reality PR … [Read more...]

Playing with dogs: It's puppy Prozac

A wrestling session with my dog on Earth Day gave me a clearer focus.  Did you ever consider the lessons learned in playing with a dog? Call me a writer and over thinker (many have); there's something to be learned about living  in the moments of frolic with a canine family member. Social media connects us in many ways, but dogs unite us in others. When's the last time you met … [Read more...]