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Do you have pet product location loyalty?

Do people who adopt a dog from a shelter or animal welfare organization have more loyalty to a brand than someone who perhaps adopts a dog (or cat) from a pet specialty retailer (i.e. PetSmart, Petco, etc.)? Interestingly, Pethealth Inc., a Canadian company that provides reports, software, and information to animal welfare organizations, did a survey in April of this year to … [Read more...]

Being Betty White: A dog's eye perspective

Last week, an invitation to the Betty White Friars Club Roast crossed my desk and after the profuse wagging commenced (from both me and the dog), I gleefully accepted, packed a bag, and headed for the rhythm of New York City. Why me? As the PR Manager (and a pet writer/blogger), BlogPaws was invited by Nature’s Variety to cover the event. This made paw-fect sense for me, since … [Read more...]

Does your dog eat better than you do and why?

Is your dog eating better than you are? In an article appearing in South Carolina’s The State newspaper, this is the question posed and answered with a vehement “pretty much so, yes!” Attributing an aging pet population and a more affluent purchasing clientele providing more lavish meals for their pets as two reasons, Fidose of Reality begs to differ. Consumers are wiser, … [Read more...]

What's news in the dog world? Headlines for February 8

Here are some of the dog news stories topping today’s headlines. Click each headline for more news on the dog-related topic: Pet food store owner closed shop but still delivers Find Your Love Match at Save-A-Pet Consumers Pamper Pets With Healthier Products Dog Food Recalls All Included This Ingredient Tune in weekdays for more dog-related news items. … [Read more...]

Just FoR Today: Dog food ingredients and taking caution

Just FoR Today. Welcome to a new series we will be running here on Fidose of Reality. If you can do just one thing just FoR today (FoR as in “Fidose of Reality”) to change your dog’s life, how paw-tastic would that be? We’ll be scouring the world of dog news and sharing with Fidose of Reality readers tips to enhance your dog’s life and things to ensure they aren’t a victim … [Read more...]

My dog is fat: Now what? Part One of Two

"Your dog should lose some weight." Dreaded words, dastardly in fact, that dog owners dread being dictated at the doctor's (aka vet). Though humans can make healthy food choices and monitor their indulgences, dogs depend on what their guardians allow them to have. Indeed, with any medical condition ruled out, the number of overweight dogs in this country is astounding. What … [Read more...]