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The $500 Transparent Dog Food Giveaway #PureEssentials

  WINNERS HAVE BEEN SELECTED AT RANDOM: THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED The winners are: $400 PetSmart gift card: Angel Langridge $100 PetSmart gift card: Husky Crazed Jenna  Is your dog’s food transparent? Readers of Fidose of Reality may recall that we took 6-month-old puppy, Emily, to PetSmart to help her mom pick a quality puppy food. We gave Emily’s mom the … [Read more...]

The Reality of Finding Quality Puppy Food #PureEssentials

  Finding a quality puppy food is one of the most asked questions by Fidose of Reality readers. “One of our friends adopted a shelter puppy recently. Since you are coming to Virginia this weekend, can you help her select a puppy food? She is feeling overwhelmed by which puppy food to choose.” This is an excerpt of my conversation with friends from the Oldies … [Read more...]

Veterinarian Comes Clean About Dog Food and Vaccines

As a dog parent and pet writer, two of the most commonly asked questions I receive include: “What dog food should my dog be eating?” and “What vaccines do I need for my dog and how often?” If you have a new puppy or know someone who does, you definitely want to stay tuned for a hot topic blog post on Monday, June 9th, here on Fidose of Reality. In general, what dog food to … [Read more...]

Human Grade vs. Feed Grade Pet Foods

My dog is a fan of Honest Kitchen dog food. With that said, it made perfect sense that I attended a luncheon table talk at the recent BlogPaws Conference on Lake Las Vegas. The group leader was Dr. Patrick Mahaney, a fellow pet industry connection but also a veterinarian and President at Calfornia Pet Acupuncture & Wellness (CPAW). He dispenses advice and information from a … [Read more...]

Slim Doggy Launches Dog Food Database

What dog food should I feed my dog and is it safe, nutritional, affordable, and good for my dog in the long run? No doubt, one of the most hotly contested and widely written about topics in the dog world deals with their diet, the food dogs eat, and the safety of the ingredients. After the great dog food scare coupled with the savvy and scrutinous nature of today's modern dog … [Read more...]

Veterinarian Comes Clean About Vaccines and Dog Food

Is your dog constantly itching? Want to know more about caring for your older dog? Interested in feeding your dog a natural diet? Vaccines and what to give when got you all baffled and confused? Good, reputable, solid healthcare information that can be trusted is hard to come by, as anyone with a keyboard and a mission can write whatever they want online. Not everything we read … [Read more...]

Celebrating National Dog Biscuit Day

It's National Dog Biscuit Day, so how can we not celebrate this holiday where every dog should be allowed to call in sick from work, sleep in, have big pawties with all their dog friends, and eat as many dog biscuits as their tummies can handle (all without having to do any tricks, roll-overs, beg, or high fives)? The true origins of this day from Fidose research indicates … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Help Your Dog Survive Holiday Visits

The holidays are a time of great comfort and joy and commiserating with family and friends. Fidose readers know that family includes dogs, so over the river and through the woods we all go ... until we skid on ice. There are many ways to help your dog survive holiday visits, though. Helping your dog survive the holiday visits is essential to family harmony. If your dog is … [Read more...]

The Truth About Aging Cats Vs Aging Dogs #HillsPet

One of the hardest parts about being a pet parent is the hard, cold truth that our pets have such short life spans in the grand scheme of things. Aging cats and aging dogs have a special place in our hearts, indeed. As a dog lover of the highest order, I am often in awe at my cat friends who have a cat that lives to a ripe old age of 18, 19, 20, or more.  So what is it about … [Read more...]

Surprising News about Homemade Dog Food Diets

write my college essay Recalls of commercial dog food have scared many dog moms and dog dads into a search for other options. Not all commercial dog food diets are bad nor are they unsafe to feed dogs. Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) has become a bit of a mantra around the Fidose of Reality household. We aren't dog food fearful as much as we are dog food watchful. I … [Read more...]