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How to Save a Dog in an Emergency

Do you know what to do in the event of an emergency with your dog? One of the worst things that has ever happened to me occurred with my first Cocker Spaniel. She was eating a bully stick and started to choke. I knew she had likely broken a piece off and it lodged somewhere in the back of her throat or down her throat. She started to panic and tried to breathe, but she was … [Read more...]

Crash Course: What To Do In a Dog Emergency

A dog’s innate curiosity can sometimes lead them to danger. Prompt, calm action on your behalf will help greatly in the event of a dog emergency. Remaining calm yet responsive in your body language is critical, as animals can sense unease. Knowing what to do in a dog emergency can mean the difference between life and death. How well do you really know what to do if a sudden … [Read more...]

Seven Items Under $20 Your Dog Wishes You Owned

There are things every dog mom/dog dad should have handy in a “just in case” bag that you can keep somewhere easily retrieved at home, yet is ready to go when taking a trip to the park, corner, or beyond your town. In my over 20 years of traveling with dogs, I’ve seen thousands of pet products. Here are seven items under $20 your dog wishes you owned, beyond the standard canine … [Read more...]

A river runs through it: What really happens during a mandatory dog-friendly evacuation

I never thought I’d have to evacuate my residence in an emergency situation. Sure, I counseled others via the written word on how to do it and even had an “emergency plan” of my own in place. I just never thought I’d need to implement those best laid plans. Did you ever wonder what happens in a mandatory dog-friendly evacuation? We did, too. Then it happened. “Won’t happen … [Read more...]