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Stocking Stuffer for Dog Book Lovers

Jackie Bouchard has a gift for getting inside a dog’s mind and talking for them. Such is the case with her first book, What the Dog Ate, and here we go again with her second book, Rescue Me: Maybe.  This offering is just in time for stocking stuffers for the dog book lovers out there. During the holidays, I enjoy giving (and receiving) books and catching up on reading over … [Read more...]

Why Talking to Your Dog Rocks

I talk to my dog. Raise a hand if you also talk to your dog. I used to only talk to my dog when no one else was around. After all, people might think I am a little bit “off kilter” if I get caught talking to a dog, right? Well, in the year 2013 I decided to drop any doubts and preconceived notions about who I am, my love for my dog, and I am proud to talk to my dog in … [Read more...]

Five Products Dog Groomers Hide From Clients

Are a dog mom or a dog dad who takes their pooch to the groomer on a semi-regular occasion? Or perhaps you need to get his or her nails trimmed. At the very least, Fluffy needs a bath from time to time, right? Did you know there are probably at least five product that dog groomers hide from us? Well, at the very least, most dog groomers aren’t sharing this insider info on … [Read more...]

How a Dog Helped Heal a Holocaust Survivor’s Heart

How a dog helped heal a Holocaust survivor's heart. This is the summary of Trusting Calvin, the true story of a man who survived one of the most horrendous times in human history, The Holocaust, and the dog who helped to unlock his heart.  Written by Sharon Peters, the former "Pet Talk" columnist for USA Today, weaves a tale of love, hope, celebration, and ultimately being … [Read more...]

Raising My Furry Children Book Review

Are you a fan of the short story genre? When returning to college to major in English, I fell in love with the short story. The ability of a writer to say so much but with a lesser amount of pages gives my spine a tingle. I love to read and continue to be a fan of the short story to this day. When Tracy Ahrens contacted me to let me know about her new book, Raising My Furry … [Read more...]

Lost and Found: Dog Lover Mystery from Esteemed Writer

  The new year means a new start and a new list of books to add to the reading list. As a dog lover, if you are looking for a good read that sets aside fluff and gets right to the heart of what a good book is all about (aka meaty prose), Fidose of Reality unearthed a worthwhile read. Lost and Found, by Amy Shojai: I am a fusspot about fiction involving dogs. If it's too sappy, … [Read more...]

Three Dog Books You Probably Aren’t Reading

  It’s November 1st and that means one thing: Start planning your dog item holiday shopping wish list! Seriously, this is the time of year when oh-so-many good dog books hit the store shelves that dog moms and dads might miss a few gems. Fret not, that’s what Fidose of Reality is here to do: Keep you in the loop and with the inside scoop on some books you might want to gift for … [Read more...]

A Dog Named Boo Book Review

Lisa Edwards thought she was rescuing an abandoned puppy. Turns out, the dog was rescuing Lisa. How many dog moms and dads can relate to that sentiment? A Dog Named Boo was that abandoned puppy. Dogs often rescue us: From our lives, from ourselves, and from a path we were never meant to be on. With over 70 million Americans sharing their lives with a dog, there is a sea of … [Read more...]

Boo World's Cutest Dog Unleashed in New Book

  Boo! For some the word conjures up Halloween (and how timely is that), but with over 5.2 million Facebook fans (and growing), Boo is an iconic canine with a legion of followers. For those not a part of the evolution of this doggone adorable pooch, he's also recently penned his second book, Boo: Little Dog in a Big City.  Boo is also the "world's cutest dog."  Fidose of … [Read more...]

Kick off summer reading contest: Win books

“Writing is what lights me up,” Arlene R. O’Neil shared. “Being a visual writer, I love seeing my work come to life: to take the reader with me on a journey word by word: to touch a reader whether through laughter or tears.” Her current book, Broken Spokes, refers to broken bones, broken bike, and broken spirit. It speaks to the reader of determination, of survival, of … [Read more...]