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Custom Affordable Dog Coats Have Arrived

Dog clothing, in general, seems to cater to the small to medium sized dog. Even smaller and medium sized dogs may have trouble getting the proper fit because like people, clothing is not a "one size fits all." Larger dogs tend to get the short end of the stick: How to find a proper fit for your dog is a dilemma for the millions of pet parents who need clothes for their dogs. I … [Read more...]

Where to Find Dog Clothes that Fit Properly

Bark is the new black, so say the trendsetters of all things canine couture. I am the woman whose dog has been fitted for custom couture, fancy clothing, and whose dog wears one-of-a-kind creations to events while I wear “off the rack.” My dog walks the runway. I rent it. If you are looking for dog clothes that fit properly, read on. For every time my dog wears a sweater, … [Read more...]

Dog Apparel for Humans Makes a Mark

Bark is the new black, and on Saturday night in New York, one canine couturier took his fashions to the next level, as dogs pranced across the catwalk. Dog apparel for humans is making its mark! Designer dog clothes are here to stay. The growing focus from a marketing and media perspective on the human-animal bond also continues to attract niche sectors usually targeted at … [Read more...]