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Senior Citizen Superhero Forms Senior Dog Rescue Group

how to get ex girlfriend back (this article written by Terry Humerickhouse, a senior superhero for senior dog rescue) My passion for rescue began when I was 25 and newly married. My wife and I started rescuing Cocker Spaniels in 1985 and I have never looked back. In our first 14 years of rescue, we saved 14 Cockers and this was prior to the Internet. Facebook, adoption … [Read more...]

Free Pet Adoptions: Let a Dog Change Your Life

My neighbor's dog has had a profound impact on the lives of my previous Cocker Spaniel and the one who currently shares my life. Can a dog really change your life? (I've been asked that a time or two). Pet adoptions can have far reaching impact. Zola is a rescue dog, who came with the name Zyla Cocoa. Apparently she was a drug bust dog: The people who kept her were doing … [Read more...]

A Dog Wedding So Freddy Isn’t Forgotten

A dog wedding: Yes, I am planning a wedding for my dog so another dog does not get forgotten, tied up and left out to basically fend for himself, spending time with only his solitude and the hope of someone remembering him. I am planning a wedding for my dog so that gas can get put in the car of a transport volunteer so that the dog tied up and left out to basically fend for … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Bridal Party Announcement

Wigglebutt Wedding fans, rejoice. We have our bridal party selected and these lovely Cockers (and one non-Cocker) will be gracing the Wigglebutt Wedding on June 28, 2013, with all their beauty and splendor. We have several sponsors on board and many more to go... stay tuned. Here is the cast: Abby, Maid of Honor: Abby belongs to mother of the bride, Val Sorensen. Abitha … [Read more...]

Get on the dog rescue bus and enter to win

Want to help rescue animals but not sure what you, one person, could possibly do? Fidose of Reality knows. The Mommy Bus is proud to announce a new initiative to encourage the rescue and adoption of animals in need. The “RESCUE ME” contest will run from May 15, 2012 until June 17, 2012 when the winners will be announced. Heidi’s Helpers has donated original works of art (such … [Read more...]

McCartney the dog says: “Let it Be, That I Get My Forever Home”

McCartney is a little charmer of a man! He is sweet and affectionate and he LOVES his tennis ball. Camp Cocker pulled him out of the shelter a few days before Christmas and he is looking for a nice home in the new year. Camp Cocker is guessing that McCartney is about 7-8 years old. Click here to check out McCARTNEY'S PICTURES to see his adorable face! Spayed/Neutered • … [Read more...]

Leo the dog looking for his forever home: Can you help?

Leo the lion, strong and reliable, and looking for his forever home. Leo appears to be a Cocker Spaniel mixed with Labrador or Golden Retriever; he is about 35-40 pounds. Leo is an energetic, friendly dog who would do well in an active family who will give him a lot of attention and exercise. He is a male adult who has been neutered. We think Leo is about five years old. … [Read more...]

Christmas miracle with dog caught on video

Need a feel-good completely non-commercial and totally sans promotional holiday message that is short, succinct, full of love, and will give you reason to celebrate the season? Here is a Christmas miracle. Fidose of Reality has just the fix for those nodding yes. The kind folks at Camp Cocker Rescue in California shared a feel good story, complete with images and even video … [Read more...]

Santa Paws Drive: Please help dogs and cats in shelters this holiday

Santa Paws is the first-ever online toy and treat drive dedicated to changing that and delivering holiday cheer to dogs and cats still waiting to be adopted. This year, is focusing on shelters and rescues that make the extra effort to help special needs and less adoptable pets. Think of non-profit, no-kill groups who help FIV+ or FeLV+ cats, … [Read more...]

Eva seeks her "fur-eva" home: Can you help rescue this dog?

We've got a wigglebutt who is loving, needs her forever home, and is ready for life to give her a fair shake. Eva was the saddest looking girl when my friends at Camp Cocker Rescue first met her . . . she had been used up for breeding and found herself dumped in a high kill shelter. We came along and began the process of her medical rehab. She had two surgeries to remove … [Read more...]