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How to Clean a Pet Household With Ease #ShedHappens

Shed happens: For most pet parents, this is a fact of life. A new pet in the household, particularly one with fur, generally results in the shed factor. It is a lot easier to clean a pet household than most folks realize. With 4 million dogs in need of their forever homes, our friends at Swiffer® along with Bark & Co. are out to stop the shed and make cleanup easier. … [Read more...]

How to Spoil Your Dog #BarkBoxDay

I am a proud dog mom who is proud to spoil her dog. I make no bones about it: After a long week, my dog looks forward to spending time with me and I look forward to giving him something for being a pawsome patient little boy all week long. If you want to spoil your dog and are proud of being a loving pet parent, you must try happiness in a box that comes to your … [Read more...]