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The Dangers of Sleeping With Dogs

Is it dangerous for dogs to sleep with us? Every now and again this debate rears its canine head, and we've seen it floating around our blogosphere travels lately. So let's open up the great dog sleeping with human debate, shall we? The danger of sleeping with dogs in our household are but one: That we wake up chilly at 3 am because Dexter has all the covers. Let sleeping … [Read more...]

Do We Spend Too Much Money on Pets?

  I am coming clean and admit to spending too much on my dog. If I couldn't afford it, I wouldn't do it. I am not sitting home counting 50 dollar bills nor am I wealthy.  I love buying pet products and I do so for friends and family with dogs. I also give to rescues and fosters and shelters. Something about walking the aisles of a pet supply store and perusing the aisles … [Read more...]