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Surprise your dog with Natural Balancedisclaimer

Mommy and Me: That’s what I’ve dubbed the weekly trek my dog takes with his moms to PetSmart® every week. Together, the three of us shop for dog food, treats, and toys. Dexter always loves getting a surprise and looks forward to the check out counter and a biscuit from the cashier. This has been a tradition with our previous Cocker Spaniel, Brandy Noel, and it has carried forward to our sweet boy, Dexter.

One of the best parts of our retail therapy includes sharing the gift of goodies discovered with our friends. Sometimes we purchase pet products for homeless pets, a shelter in need, and now we can shop for our dog’s best friend, Zola! As of July, 2015, PetSmart now carries the premium pet food, Natural Balance®!!!

Nautral Balance available at PetSmart

Zola is our dog’s best friend, and she is responsible for guiding him along from the time he entered our household, lives, and our hearts. Zola is a dog rescued from a shelter, and her back story includes being confiscated as evidence from a drug bust. Since being adopted by a close friend, Zola has become very bonded with Dexter.

dog food from Natural Balance
Zola eating Natural Balance L.I.D. dog food

The dog food that Zola enjoys is the Natural Balance Potato and Duck L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diet® formula. She’s been eating a variety of both canned and kibble of this formula for about four years.

Thankfully, Natural Balance has premium pet food for pet parents who:

  • Prefer a grain-free diet for their dog’
  • A dog food with a limited number of proteins and carbs;
  • Perhaps want to rotate protein sources;
  • Have a dog with food sensitivities;

Surprise by a Friend

Over the years, we have been very limited by what we could give to Zola as a present. Her mom has been purchasing Natural Balance food online for the most part. Now, both Zola’s mom and my dog, Dexter, are able to purchase the Natural Balance line in our local PetSmart. Retail therapy rocks!


On a recent adventure to PetSmart, our dog Dexter, checked out the new lineup of Natural Balance pet foods, purchased a case of canned food and a bag of the kibble in Potato and Duck formula, and we set our sights on surprising Zola with the goodies.

Here’s the surprise in action:

Natural Balance pet food
“YAY, we’ve arrived, Mom!”


Natural Balance dog food
“Hey Moms, I found Zola’s favorite food!”
Natural Balance shopping at PetSmart
“Okay, Mom, I have all of Zola’s nom noms!”
natural balance dog food at PetSmart
“Excuse me, Miss, I’m ready to check out now.”


dog food from Natural Balance
“Okay Zola, you can open your eyes now. Surprise!

Become a Natural Balance Surprise Friend

We had so much fun surprising Zola with the gift of good health, that we are encouraging our readers to pay it forward: Make a dog feel good: Your own, a friend’s dog, and/or a shelter dog who could use a premium pet food that will fill his belly as he waits a forever home.

Visit your local PetSmart, grab a few cans or a bag of Natural Balance, and surprise a pooch! Check out the entire line of Natural Balance at PetSmart here.

On our next trip, we plan to take Zola along with us for the ride and let her do some retail therapy. Zola’s mom now has a place to take her pooch for some fun, shopping, and to stock up on this limited ingredient diet without running from store to store.

And now, without further ado, here’s the Terrific Twosome, Dexter and Zola, celebrating their years of friendship: Notice how they’vegrown but their friendship and good health continue to flourish.

Do you visit PetSmart and if so, do you ever take your dog with you? Bark at us in the comments below.


  1. I have always fed Natural Balance to my dog and SDSR uses this brand for the fosters. I was considering switching to Honest Kitchen foods because I was concerned about some of what I interpreted as strange chemicals in the ingredients of Natural Balance. Further research, however showed those “strange chemicals” were additional vitamins and minerals. I am still looking into Honest Kitchen but may use it as a supplement because my husband hates cooking and having to add warm water to dehydrated food, stirring and waiting is too much like cooking!

  2. I love that you guys take weekly trips to PetSmart. My dog is the biggest spaz ever, so I definitely can not take him into a store like that. He’d flip his little lid.

    • He sure loves shopping and it is a good bonding experience. Plus he meets a lot of doggies in the store. I am excited for Natural Balance now available at PetSmart in store.

    • Hahahahah yes he did steal the post. It is so hard to get through the PetSmart store without having folks want to stop by and talk, Aunesty Janssen. He is like a little politician in stores LOL!

  3. My cocker’s were always taken to Petsmart. Had to keep close eye or they would try to grab a bunch of toys❤️
    A great review on Natural Balance. Happy to know our Petsmart will now carry it.

    Love all the pics and video.

    • I bet Jack likes PetSmart, too – he’d be a star kitty walking the aisles. I loved seeing your pics of your Cockers at PetSmart. Wags and hugs!

  4. This is a dog food I’ve been considering switching my dogs to. After reading this article, you included the following information, and you just sealed the deal for me. I’m going to my local Petsmart today after work and buying this premium food.

    Thankfully, Natural Balance has premium pet food for pet parents who:
    Prefer a grain-free diet for their dog’
    A dog food with a limited number of proteins and carbs;
    Perhaps want to rotate protein sources;
    Have a dog with food sensitivities;

    I love your doggies. Dexter’s a real friend and so lovable. You always have the best information, Carol.

    • WOW, thanks Elizabeth. If you need anything else, let me know. PetSmart has so many goodies in store and my dog loves going there.

  5. The photos are just too good! Best shopping a dog can go. We love Petsmart and go often – and we’re always looking for great foods.

    • Dex loves walking but also loves riding in a cart. I think he likes the view up higher sometimes, Tamara. Have a great day!

  6. I love watching Dexter, Carol and Darlene their love for Dexter. Their outing at Petsmart is the best Doggie Therapy as much as visiting Dexter’s Cow Buddies. They are the most awesome parents Dexter could ever have wished for. I like Petsmart Employees! They are the best Customer Service a customer could have. I know all the Petsmart Cashiers are dogs best friend. Hey, Dexter Petsmart It’s a place to take Coco on date and show her all toys that you can pick one so Mommies can buy you.
    Natural Balanced Dog food is one of the excellent dog food.

    • OOOH Dex likes the idea of taking his girlfriend, Coco, on a date to PetSmart, and they have done that many times. We usually need two carts from all the shopping they do there. hahahah. I am so glad you have fun at PetSmart, too, Christine. Natural Balance is yummy !

  7. First off – what pretty little puppy pals you have – and our dogs are on special diets for allergies – I’ll check this out better for them! Thank you

  8. They are so cute! There is nothing better than spending time with a pet, especially a dog and their unconditional love. What a great treat for them to take a road trip to the store for goodies!!

  9. Aw, that’s nice that you buy for homeless dgo’s sometimes. It’s not something I’don’t have thought to do!

  10. I used to love bringing Little Bit to PetSmart!! He would droll from aisle to aisle. Although totally blind, Little Bit had no problem finding the snack area and choosing his own snacks! Zola and Dex look so happy!!

  11. Patches, Max and Maggie love to going to Pet Smart or any of the pet stores in our area. They love to sniff all the food and pick out a treat to take home with them.

  12. Such a great idea!

    I can take Belle with me to PetSmart but not Logan. Logan HATES car rides AND he is a poop and walk kind of guy so it makes for not so much fun for mama while in a store ?

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