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Superstar dog trainer Victoria Stillwell on social media, dog training, and book publishing

Stick to it, be tenacious, be open to advice, be accessible, make connections and never stop learning. Victoria Stillwell knows how to do it.

Advice well-heeded and well-taken from British-born super-trainer, Victoria Stillwell, during her lively speech presented at Barkworld 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The host of the wildly popular, It’s Me or the Dog, television show, Victoria Stillwell exudes poise, charm, warmth in personality, and ardent fervor of her dog passion.

In her book, It’s Me of the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet, Victoria imparts her consistent, tried and true positive reinforcement techniques for training your precious pooch. Fans of her show will warm to her advice and those not familiar with her work are sure to embrace her philosophies.

We found her to encompass all the traits she passed on to her captivated audience: tenacious, available, making connections and a lifelong learner. Check out our video of Victoria Stillwell in action below.


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