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Super Sized Pet Blogger Summer Giveaway

Pet blogger summer giveaway

The dog days of summer are upon us, so we’re giving away some cool products (and a major gift card) for haute dogs and their pet parents. Fidose of Reality has teamed up with about two dozen other pet bloggers to bring you the 2015 Super Sized Pet Blogger Summer Giveaway.

It’s easy, it’s fun, and the three people will win three separate prizes, which include:

Grand Prize: A $400 Visa Gift Card (cha-ching!!!)

2nd Prize: an Italian Leather Collar & Leash set (winner’s choice) from dogIDs

3rd Prize: a Cubby Bowl from Pawnosh

That’s over $500 in prizes to give away!!!

summer giveaway

It’s a Super Sized Giveaway so that means it’s super easy to enter. Here’s how:

Scroll down to the Rafflecopter entry form below. One entry is mandatory and then there are 5 bonus entries: The more you enter, the more you increase the likelihood you will win a prize.


Want to boost your shot at winning? Visit each of the participating blogs (listed below) and enter on their sites, too! Because 23 blogs are involved, you will have 23 chances at winning.  Stop by to see my friends and say hello:

It would be incredible to win any of those awesome prizes, am I right? I’m going to make it super easy for you to enter; just follow the easy peasy steps in the Rafflecopter widget below! There’s one mandatory entry and 5 optional entries, and don’t forget: the more you enter, the better your chances of winning one of these great prizes!

As promised, here’s the form where you can enter to win on my blog. The cutoff date to enter is  Sunday night, June 21 at 11:59pm EST.

On Monday morning, 06/22,  we’ll randomly select the 3 super lucky winners and announce them here!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway
But wait, there’s more! You can really super size your chances of winning when you visit each of the participating blogs (listed below) and enter on their sites, too!

There are 24 of us altogether, so that means you’ve got 24 chances to win! Check out the pet blogs of my pals below for more opportunities to enter:

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well minded pets

Official Rules Here

About the giveaway: No purchase necessary. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only, except where prohibited by law. Giveaway will run from June 15 through June 21, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. Three (3) winners will be randomly selected and notified via email. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prizes; failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest do not sponsor, administer, or endorse this promotion. Participants must read and agree to Rafflecopter’s Privacy Policy before entering and participating in this promotion.  By commenting, you provide Fidose of Reality with the right to add your email to our private mailing list.

A dog lover of the highest order is how Gayle King introduced Carol Bryant, when she appeared with her Cocker Spaniel on Oprah Radio’s Gayle King show to dish dogs. Carol created and owns the trademark, My Heart Beats Dog® and lives that mantra. A 30-year veteran of the dog world, she is President of the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) and the 2020 DWAA winner for Best Dog Blog.


  1. Lana Poole says

    We love to walk through our garden each morning with our Cocker Spaniel Toby! He enjoys the walk and finding new things to smell.

  2. Emily I. says

    Our favorite summer activity is going for a car ride to get ice cream and then finding a shady spot to enjoy it.

  3. Carol Burgess says

    My dog Ruby and I play Frisbee, then run through a Waterhose. Thank you for the chance at this AMAZING giveaway!

  4. CMC says

    I love to take the dogs swimming! It’s so much fun to watch them; they’re so happy when they’re in the water!

  5. Elle P. says

    We like going to the park in the evening once the hot sun has gone down and getting to meet other dogs.

  6. Abey says

    What a fabulous giveway! The collar or bowl would be nice for my handsome Amstaff but if we won the visa card we’d share the love and use the funds to buy supplies for local rescues 🙂

  7. Nicole Dziedzic says

    We got a new puppy a month ago and he is so playful, his favorite thing to do right now is play with his ball outside in the yard, and he loves walks too.

  8. ellie says

    it’s my baby girls birthday at the end of the month, she will be 4! we have a party every year with all her friends! about 16-20 dogs!!

  9. Emily Smith says

    I love taking my family to the lake. My boys love running around playing and swimming with our family dog.

  10. sandy weinstein says

    with the weather being close to 100 not been doing much. i have to do pt with my oldest everyday. the other 2 gals i try to get some exercise in the early am or late pm. they like to play hide and seek and run with mom. evie is limited now, but i have been trying to get her to walk and run some, we do dancing to strengthen her hind legs. we do go to some indoor dog events at the dog stores where i shop. try to stay close to my house, the ticks ar very bad this year as well.

  11. Janet W. says

    My favorite doggie summertime activity is watching my dog run through the sprinklers in our backyard with my grandsons!

  12. Mary Cloud says

    I don’t really have a favorite doggie Summertime activity but I like the idea of taking them to the lake swimming

  13. Leah says

    Trying to figure out what piece of furniture she is cowering under while the 4th of July fireworks go off! 🙂

  14. Pipo/Minko/MrJackFreckles says

    I like to sit in the shade and watch the far back of my yard…then when an unsuspecting squirrel appears…off I go! The chase is on!
    If its too hot, I just lollygag on the floor in the house where its air-conditioned, BOL!

  15. KateV says

    Agility is definitely our favorite summer activity. Shiloh has also started competing in Barn Hunt. He LOVES lure coursing but we aren’t able to do it very often. He even tried weight pull at a humane society fundraiser last weekend and seemed to really enjoy it!

  16. Jessica Harlow says

    Don’t laugh, but our favorite summertime doggie activity is to lay low in our coo basement! lol Our St Bernard LOVES the winter months, but is definitely dragging during the summer heat. We spend some time cuddling and staying cool together!

  17. ellen beck says

    Our favorite summertime activity is taking walks and sometimes swimming. Odin is a senior dog so he takes a lot of breaks but still loves to go places.

  18. Penelope says

    My hairy slobbery sister’s favorite summer activity is to swim in the river behind our house everyday!!!!



  20. Margot C says

    I like to put my senior dog Mike in his wading pool and then put the sprinkler on very low in the middle of the pool. If it’s too high and sprinkling on him he is scared, but if it’s just bubbling the water he gets very excited and tries to bite the water and has fun. We adopted him as a senior rescue and he’s somewhere between 7 and 9 years old. No one ever played with him in his life before. He doesn’t understand fetching or pull toys, but he loves his pool.

  21. Bonnie Day says

    My dog loves the water there’s a lake close by that I take him too and we swim in the lake together

  22. Christine Aiello says

    Coco’s favorite summer activities are hiding in the air conditioned house, going for long walks at night when it is cooler and swimming in the pool!

  23. Tonya C says

    Thanks for this post. We are currently looking for a dog collar for our dog and these would be perfect with the ID tag built in to it. No more of that clanging of the id tag! LOVE that!

  24. Crystal F says

    I’m hoping to get our Bella one of those small pools for her to play in. Right now we just enjoy taking her out to play. She likes to chase the girls when they have one of her toys. Thank you!

  25. Julie Valdivia (@IllustratedMom) says

    Our dog loves going on walks! Although, here in Arizona it’s now really too hot to have them walking around on the pavement. In the mountains as well, so much fun!

  26. Linda Szymoniak says

    Normally we spend a lot of time outdoors in the yard and going for walks, but we’ve had a late start this summer because we’ve been doing work on our deck (and have to worry about the dogs getting hurt on nails, etc., and we’ve had SO many thunderstorms. When it storms, two of my dogs need their Thundershirts and plenty of cuddle time with me (not that I’m complaining). We had a nice, long walk today while we had a break from the storms.

  27. Theresa Spaid says

    Since my 2 are old sitting in the backyard having a picnic is really nice and enjoyable summertime pasttime for us.

  28. Keri Dominguez says

    this is our first summer together….. I’m looking forward to discovering all that being outside and adventuring together shows us 🙂
    Happy Tails….. er Trails…..

  29. Ellen Wexler says

    I love to do any and everything with my beloved dog, Ruby. I run her daily and she is my best bud. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful, generous giveaway.

  30. Billie R says

    Asia and Harley just love being outdoors as much as they can. Asia likes to roll over on her back in the grass and Harley only wants to be near her.

  31. Carly D. says

    We are getting a puppy in two weeks! He is a yellow lab and I think he is going to love going to the lake and swimming in the water!!

  32. Carolyn Massey says

    Our dog is older and doesn’t get much exercise so it’s a treat to take him for a ride and let him walk in the park. He loves it and likes seeing children and other dogs.

  33. Andrea Clifton says

    I get home from work after midnight and I love seeing my doggies and taking them out in the yard. I walk the yard with them and then we end up just sitting on the porch chiilin’.

  34. Angela Cash says

    Camping and hiking are our favorite summertime activities and our dogs always travel with us. They especially like hiking near a local river so that they can play in the water.

  35. Lenora D says

    I just hang out with my neighbors dog and keep him watered during the day. I’m not allowed to have a dog at my house. He shows up every morning at sunrise and comes when he’s home alone during severe weather and hangs out with us.

  36. Angela Ash says

    My favorite doggie time summer activity is playing outside in the sprinkler. When it’s brutally hot, I’ll turn on the sprinkler for a bit and my dog and I take turns running through it. Although, she always ends up with more turns than me.

  37. Wendy says

    We like to pull the dogs around in a small plastic pool that we having floating around in our larger pool.

  38. Carolyn Love says

    My 2 spend very little time outside in the summer. I have respiratory issues that are not happy with extreme heat…. MYA’s TOO tiny to be out in the heat…..and Maggie is DARK gray…. They get their
    exercise by doing their “let’s chase each other UP and DOWN the hall and around the living room and
    then around the Dining table and BACK down the hall !!….at least 2 or 3 times…..LOL !!

  39. Pamela Curry says

    I have 7 cats, they are like one big dog, one family or a pride. They think and act together. It is the benefit of keeping a litter and training them to work together when you can. Summer, more harness and leash training for all of them so we can handle weather emergencies. As I will be alone with 7 cats.

  40. Chelsea says

    favorite summer activity is hitting the trails when it isn’t too stifling! Otherwise hang out indoors and chill for a bit on the balcony!

  41. Emily Endrizzi says

    We like to go to the dog park in the summer, but our favorite thing to do together is go to the beach and chase seagulls.

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