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Confessions of A Super Chewer Dog

Small and medium-sized dogs are super chewer dogs just like their larger counterparts. I know because my dog, Dexter the Cocker Spaniel, prefers destroying toys over cuddling them.

Because he’s more of an engagement player who loves to solve brain games while getting a super chewer vibe on, the folks at Super Chewer asked if we’d like to try their monthly subscription box service.

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We are hard to please, my dog is fussy, and if the toys are not interesting or challenging, he will seriously walk away, leaving me with a box full of items being donated. Thank dog that is NOT the case with the Super Chewer box, as you will read in this post and see in our accompanying video PLUS a super savings of 50% off your first box on a multi-month plan for Fidose of Reality fans who sign up through our special link.

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What the Super Chewer Monthly Subscription Box Is

Consistent: Every month, a themed box ships out on the 15th to your residence. Inside is an assortment of two tough toys, two meaty chews, and two full-sized bags of healthy treats. The meaty treats are made in the United States or Canada and never contain wheat, corn, or soy. They are all natural.

Tough: Super Chewer is brought to you by the folks who make BarkBox, but it is catered to the toughest dogs and strongest chewers. While I love BarkBox, I was tossing money out the window on destroyed toys every month. Super Chewer is more suited to my dog’s needs and requirements. The cuteness factor, however, remains.

Honorable: If your dog defeats a toy in the Super Chewer box, they replace is for free, as in no moola required for destroyed replacements. No proof needed, no time limits, no questions asked. No brainer!

super chewer dog

Nicely Priced: Plans start at $39 per month but the longer the plan you sign up for, the lower the price! Fidose of Reality also has a nicely-priced discount to offer to followers who sign up for the 6- or 12-month service. Here’s how it works:

  •      $39 per month if you sign up month to month
  •      6-month plans are just $34 per month but your first month is 50% off  if you sign up through the Fidose of Reality discount link
  •      12-month plans are just $29 a month but your first month is 50% off  if you sign up through the Fidose of Reality discount link

Upgradeable: For an extra $9 bucks a month, you can opt-in to the “Extra Toy Club” so your dog gets three toys instead of two. If you have multiple dogs or dogs who love a challenge, the Super Chewer extra toy comes in handy. The extra toy is always the most unique and innovative of that month’s toys.

Fun: We are all about having fun with your dog. Let’s face it though, we all get busy, do things on the computer, play on our phones, and our dogs stare at us like we are never moving from our office chair or couch.

Super Chewer items give dogs something to do, they last longer, and the toys inside are designed for serious and intense chewers. ALWAYS supervise your dog’s play and engagement with toys and treats of any size, shape, or intensity.

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What Super Chewer Monthly Subscription Box Isn’t

Full of Fluff: You will never receive a toy that has “fluff” in it.

Boring: Every Super Chewer toy is created and designed by their in-house team of industrial toy designers. They mean business because super chewer dogs mean business.

The theme of each box will engage the dog parent, and I can personally attest to the amount of photos, smiles, and laughs achieved at the box we reviewed.

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WYSIWYG: If there is something your dog cannot eat, for allergies or maybe you don’t want as many treats, the folks at Super Chewer have your back. You never have to worry about being stranded with stuff your dog just isn’t into it or can’t eat. (1-855-520-2275).

Yukky: Even though the fluff isn’t here, the folks at Super Chewer do not skimp on detail. The natural rubber toys in our box are cute, functional, can take a beating while remaining totes adorbs. In other words, pleasantly pleasing to pet parents. It’s the kind of stuff you don’t mind sharing on social media, snapping in a selfie, or let company see when they visit.

Available Just Anywhere: If you want the exclusiveness of the items in the box, you’ve got to be a subscriber. That said, you can opt out at any time.

Our Super Chewer Box Video Review

My dog is the true tester of these goodies, so without further ado, Dexter, take it away:

Fast Facts Recap Super Chewer Box For Dogs

  •      Made for tough chewers, but always supervise your dog with any toy or treat
  •      Easy on the pocketbook with 50% off your first month for Fidose of Reality followers who opt in for a 6-month or 12-month Super Chewer delivery for dogs.
  •      Value priced: The value of a Super Chewer box is $50!
  •      Made in the USA or Canada, with meaty and healthy treats included.
  •      Cuteness factor is on overdrive, as the toys look good while being chewy tough and functional.
  •      Great for gifting and makes for a fun surprise to bond with your dog each month.  Who doesn’t like goodies? And let’s face it, so many boxes that arrive are for our dogs anyways!
  •      Made for dogs of all sizes. Super chewers come in all sizes!
  •      Convenience without having to leave the house: After a long work week, I love savoring the Super Chewer box time with my dog (and the social media photos and videos I share are fun, too!)
  •      Hassle free: Once you sign up, your first box is sent immediately. Following boxes ship on the 15th of each month thereafter, with free shipping inside the contiguous 48 United States.
  •      Get 50% off your first box on a multi-month plan by signing up as a Fidose of Reality fan here. You must sign up for the 6-month or 12-month service to get the discounted month.

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What do you think? Would you like to try Super Chewer? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have a two Cavaliers and the first one my girl did the normal chewing stuff and eventually stopped 2 years later we got Our boy and hes 2 now and still thinks hes a puppy he will chew anything as well as being uncontrollable on a lead lol they say cavaliers calm down around three years old and our girl certainly did so im praying our pup does to as its like a graveyard of mangled barbies from our 2 year olds toys i never leave them out so im sure he goes and helps himself

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