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Jackie Bouchard delights with her latest fiction.

Jackie Bouchard has a gift for getting inside a dog’s mind and talking for them. Such is the case with her first book, What the Dog Ate, and here we go again with her second book, Rescue Me: Maybe.  This offering is just in time for stocking stuffers for the dog book lovers out there.

During the holidays, I enjoy giving (and receiving) books and catching up on reading over the break. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be sharing hot reads for cold nights, especially for dog lovers of the highest order.

I am not a fan of dog books that make me cry and haunt me because a dog dies and I just cannot shake the feeling. Jackie Bouchard does not take you down that road.  So when Jane Bailey lost both her husband and her dog to cancer, I wondered how many of my heartstrings Bouchard would tug at within me.

The answer: All of them, in a very good, uplifting, I so want to go hug my dog and be happy for the life I have kind of way. Oh, and then there’s the way Bouchard weaves a tale well told.

“Instead I focus on the crucifix. It keeps my mind from unwelcome topics, although it reminds me of the painful conversation I had with Ryan speculating about what happens after death. It occurs to me that I don’t know where Jesus went when he was dead for those three days. Limbo? There’s a bible in the pew, right there within easy reach. The trained librarian in me wants to look up the answer, but I imagine reference work during the funeral is one of those things widows aren’t supposed to do. I still can’t fathom that that word applies to me: Widow.  This is not how things were supposed to work out.

Why the hell did you have to die, Ryan?

Feel the angst? That short excerpt early on in the book is indicative of the pull-you-in style of writing that made me fall in love with Bouchard’s prose in What the Dog Ate.

Without taking too much away from the plot, Jane decides to leave Philadelphia and ends up at a small southwestern Bed and Breakfast belonging to her uncle. As someone who has traveled cross country with her family (including the dog) several times, what a pleasant plot twist for Jane to meet a stray dog at a rest stop.

Jane is the fall down and seems like she will stay down kind of character, so when surprises cross her path, they are welcomed and the reader celebrates with the protagonist.

This book is for you if you:

  • Love an off-the-beaten path page turner;
  • Love dogs;
  • Want to read a meaty story with an interesting storyline;
  • Are looking for something to give as a stocking stuffer;
  • Need a book in paperback or e-book form;
  • Are looking to get lost in a good piece of fiction;

Buckle up with Jane, as they book is ripe with twists, turns, hope, and definitely time well spent.

dog rescue bookGet your copy of Jackie Bouchard’s Rescue Me: Maybe here. Follow all of Jackie’s adventures and blog posts on her Pooch Smooches blog.

We are also giving a copy away in the Fourth Annual Fidose of Reality Dog Holiday Photo Contest.

Happy Reading!


Note: I did not receive compensation for this review. I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own. 


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