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Sleeping Dogs Photo Contest Winners


winnerWow, Fidose of Reality fans have dogs who love to recline, unwind, go tummy up, sleep solo, and snooze with a buddy: The bottom line is your dogs love to do naptime in the funniest and most unique poses and positions. Sleeping dogs unite!

We had well over 200 photos come pouring into our offices for the Sleeping Dogs Photo Contest.

You can view the entire photo album here on our Facebook page, so be sure to LIKE us, because we really love our fans and their dogs:  Facebook Album of Sleeping Dog Photos

The first place winner gets a bed valued at up to $215 from our friends at sells luxury dog beds, and they think of themselves as defenders of dog comfort. Thanks for sponsoring this fab contest, and we will do it again.


Don’t forget to enter our Springtime Dogs Photo Contest to win one of three gift baskets of human treats: Prizes valued at approximately $200, from our pals at SweetWorks (they make Sixlets and much much more MMMM).


Since there were so many entries, our judges had a tough time. But they did pick one grand prize winner and five honorable mentions.winner

The grand prize winner is a photo sent in by Debbie Dolecki, who says, “Here is a photo showing why we really need a dog bed. Pictured is my husband, John, along with our three Great Danes, Zena, Sasha and Contessa and also our Jack Russell Terrier, Gordon.”


And the five runner ups who receive an honorable mention:








Thanks to all who entered and keep following Fidose of Reality: Where dog lovers of the highest order unit!

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  1. Congrats to the winner! He really could use the dog bed! And the runners up were all adorable also! I enjoyed looking at the photos and can;t wait to see the Spring photos get posted! Good luck everyone 🙂

  2. These pics are so awesome. Love all of them including the ones entered throughout the contest. This was so much fun. I LOVE your contests. Congrats to the winner and honorable mentions. I can’t imagine how difficult it was to select the grand prize winner!!!!

  3. Awesome pictures! Congrats to Debbie Dolecki. We are happy to be an honorable mention. I can’t imagine how hard it was to pick from all of the great photos.

  4. Congrats to the winners. My dog’s photo had the most likes so I thought she had a good chance. 🙁

  5. Fantastic photos. Everyone should be so thrilled. Hope the pups pick a comfy new bed and get a good nap. Congratulations to all

  6. Oh boy, those guys really do need a dog bed…Maggie doesn’t mind losing out to them. She has a bed, she just has a hard time staying on it! Thanks for the HM. She’s so proud.

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