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Guest Blogging Policy

We rarely accept guest pitches unless your pitch is so outstanding and relevant to the content of Fidose of Reality without expecting any or all of the following:

  • Do follow links
  • Shameless plugging of your product(s)

How Do I Know If My Pitch Is Relevant To Fidose of Reality? Read through my blog’s posts and get to know the voice of the Fidose audience.

Do You Accept Blog Topics Not Pertaining to Dogs? Generally, no, unless in some

How Do I Pitch You a Dog-Related Topic? Send your post idea to me in the body of the email to

Will You Reply to Me? Once you send a guest blog pitch, allow up to 2 weeks for a reply. We will only reply if we are interested.

Will My Post Be Edited? We will screen all posts for typos, spelling errors, and have the right to make editorial changes as needed.

Can I Republish My Post Elsewhere? No, and Fidose of Reality will remove your post if this occurs.

Can I Write You Repeatedly with Follow Ups and Ask if You Received My Pitch? No, do not do this. Do not follow up with us. We know how to find you if we are interested.