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Signs of a Dog With Arthritis

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Labrador Retrievers are known for developing arthritis more so than other dog species. One major reason for this is there susceptibility for weight gain. So if your Labrador has gone through phases of being overweight or is overweight it may be that you need to look out for the signs of arthritis more so than others. Thee are signs of a dog with arthritis, too.

A Labrador Retriever that is overweight is more susceptible to developing osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative form of joint disease, more so than a healthy dog due to the excess pressure and stress directed on the joints. This wear and tear of the joints over the years leaves the dog in extreme discomfort.  However unlike humans, dogs can’t talk, so it’s important that you know the signs of arthritis in your dog so you can help to elevate the discomfort your dog is in. Any dog is susceptible to arthritis, however.

Signs your dog may have arthritis:

  • Difficulty getting up: watch your dog attempting to stand and if there are any stiff awkward movements
  • Wanting to finish a walk early: Most dogs love going for W A L K’ s (don’t say the dreaded word!) and know the routes better than their owners, so if your dog turns to head back home a lot it could be that he or she is in a lot of discomfort.
  • Grumpy and irritable behavior: Labradors are known for there loving behavior, so if your Lab starts to turn on you it could be he or she is feeling a bit fed up of being in pain.
  • Swollen and painful joints: You can sometimes see when joints have become swollen and painful due to the arthritis, your dog may also walk with a limp.

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On a side note it is important that you try to avoid letting your dog develop arthritis in the first place. Since a dog that is overweight is more likely to develop arthritis you may consider using Hills prescription diet that is specially formulated for dogs that are overweight. Hills make a large range of feeds for both cats and dogs.

fidose of realityHas your dog ever had arthritis – what are you doing to help him or her? Bark at us below in the comments.

Fidose note:  Seek the assistance of your dog’s veterinarian if your dog has any of these symptoms. Also, though arthritis cannot be cured, it can be managed.  A dog can often be believed to have arthritis when something else might be causing the same or similar symptoms.

 Author of post: Ariane Franke; please note that this is a sponsored post but Fidose of Reality only shares information we believe in and know that dog lovers of the highest order, such as our readers, would like to know about as well.



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  1. I own two labs.My older lab will be 14 in June 🙂 She has done very well on Deramaxx (half a pill once a day) It is an alternative to Metacam and eeasier on a dog’s stomach. My younger lab is turning nine in may and we just started her on the Sacha’s Blend powder. I understand it can take weeks for results but we will see.She has a bit of a limp on her front right shoulder after too much excercise. She is not over weight..
    Check out my dog blog for some dog love ,89 articles all canine related.Laughs ,tears and smiles guaranteed! I enjoy connecting with other dog lovers world wide 🙂 dogstwentyfourseven.wordpress.com

    1. I have had Lab friends who had success with Deramaxx, too, Becky. Going to check out your site now. Are you in the BlogPaws community???

  2. We’ve had many Labs over the years, so we’re more than familiar with arthritis unfortunately. You are right about the weight being a huge contributing factor. Labs have such a tendency in that direction and all of the running and jumping they like to do also contributes. We’ve worked to keep them well exercised with a variety of exercises to keep their muscles toned – running, walking, swimming, hiking – the variety is helpful. Supplements (glucosomine, fish oil, etc) also help keep things moving smoothly. We’ve even used Physical Therapy and acupuncture as our dogs have gotten older and the arthritis more painful. PT in the water treadmill is great!

    1. I have my Dex on fish oil omegas and we do the movement. I am a fan of yours, SlimDoggy, so thanks for chiming in. With Dexter’s partial ACL tear right now, water therapy was encouraged.

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