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Should My Dog Take Probiotics?

We geek out over health and wellness topics for dogs. I’ve been wanting to research the efficacy of probiotics on dogs and if my dog should actually take probiotics.

Type in ‘dog probiotics’ into your favorite search engine. I am dizzy just looking at the pages and pages of results from companies claiming their probiotic is exactly what my dog needs to have a balanced gut.

Recently, we went nose to nose and face to face at the BlogPaws Conference with a pet brand that set the record straight about dogs, probiotics, and why pet parents should consider Probonix for Pets from Humarian. This is an honest review and I asked Dr. Shawn Benzinger, Co-Founder, CEO, for a ‘fidose of reality’ when it comes to canine probiotics. Here’s what we discovered.


Carol at Humarian booth
That’s me taking this whole probiotic thing seriously!

What Are Probiotics?

As the name implies, probiotics are the good stuff; that is, they are the beneficial bacteria that live in the gut, or GI, system. Bacteria in probiotics help the digestive, regulatory, and immune systems of the body. So then, why does your dog need them?


The Need for Probiotics in Dogs

Think about everything your dog does, sniff, eats, and experiences in the course of a day. My dog is stressed by thunder, lightning, and fireworks. Maybe your dog is as cool as a cucumber but he has an off day, a meal that does not sit right, or he is older and/or could use some balance to his gut. Since my dog, Dexter, was diagnosed with a near-fatal immune-mediated disease (IMT) in the fall of 2017, what I learned from the folks at Humarian, who make Probonix for Pets, sent chills down my spine.

Dr. Benzinger shared with me that research indicates 70 to 90 percent (yes, huge numbers), of your immune system is found in your gut! Of course I want my dog’s immune system to be healthy, don’t you? The bacteria that makes up the gut of mammals can have a serious impact on overall health. Once I understood this, I understood why probiotics are good for me and my dog.

Probiotics for dogs

Pup Quiz

Before we move forward, take this quiz to see how many you can score correctly. Simply count up the number of choices you feel probiotics can help with:

  • Diarrhea
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Allergies
  • Gas/bloating
  • Cancer
  • Vomiting
  • Immune disorders
  • Stress
  • Abrupt changes in a dog’s diet

How many of the above do you believe could benefit from the use of probiotics?

Scroll down a bit for the answer….





If you guessed ALL of them, then you are 100 paw-cent correct! Probiotics can help with all of these and more! As a dog mom who has a dog that suffered with two bouts of pancreatitis as a result of his IMT treatment in the fall, here’s what I learned about Probonix for Pets.

Probonix for dogs

Noseprint Like No Other

Did you know that like a human fingerprint, no two dog noseprints are exactly alike?! Unlike any other probiotic on the market, Humarian is the only one in the world that contains a proprietary acid mixture that allows it to pass safely through the destructive and acidic environment of your stomach and into your gut more effectively than other probiotics on the market.

Geek alert: I am geeking out in that this amazing acid carrier is available only in this product.  I think about those pill and capsule probiotics or the ones that are freeze dried. I am super fussy about anything I allow my dog to ingest. I want him to actually benefit from the billions of probiotic per serving and their ability to survive the journey through stomach acid.

Humarian did testing to prove the survival rate of Probonix through stomach acid is 10 times greater than the best-selling probiotic on the market. Being thorough in research is a bonus for this science savvy dog mom. Read their report here if you like to geek out, too!

Probonix and paw

How to Use Probonix for Pets

Dogs that are considered to be medium or large in size (over 30 pounds) receive 8 drops a day while small dogs (under 30 pounds) take 6 drops a day.

You simply shake the bottle so the probiotics are evenly distributed and drop it onto your dog’s food daily. If the food is hot, simply wait until it cools a bit and then add the product.

One bottle of Probonix lasts 30 days.

I plan to start adding this to Dexter’s dinner meal. As a test, we put some on his lunch time meal and he never noticed. It is liver flavored, and most dogs I know love liver! I also learned that a quality probiotic like this can help firm up a dog’s stool. Who doesn’t love firm dog poop?!

Happy dog means a happy life #BayerExpertCare #ad

Bottom Line and Fast Facts

  • There are 10x more bacteria in your body than cells! Most of those bacteria reside in your gut, too.
  • Probonix is made up of 100% natural ingredients.
  • All probiotics do not need to be refrigerated.
  • Humarian also makes a human version, called Probonix (*Women). I came home with a bottle of it and will be using the cherry flavored version daily for myself!
  • What strains are in the pet version? I had to know, and if you want the intel on the strains, click here.
  • Keep in mind that the Probonix for Dogs is for use in dogs only. If your dog’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.


Shop and Save for Probonix

I loved hearing learning about this product, so I decided to become an affiliate. You can order from Humarian for probiotics for your dog and all members of the family.

Snag 20 percent off your purchase using my special code of FIDOSEOFREALITY

Let me know if you start using this line for yourself, your family, and/or your dog. I am looking forward to seeing how they all help keep our guts thriving to their maximum efficacy!

Your Turn

Have you ever tried a probiotic for your dog(s) or yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. We brought some home from BlogPaws, too, and are looking forward to trying it with Ruby. She has allergies and some immune system-related issues so I’m hopeful that it will help.

    And LOL, the reason I haven’t started her on it yet is because I couldn’t read the label! The print is tiny and I thought I might need a magnifying glass to read it. Thanks for giving the dosage for small dogs.

    1. I am going to make a note of the fact the label is so small and let Humarian know. I am curious to see how it will help Dex and me, too, since they gave me the women’s sample to try.

  2. I have never tried a probiotic for my rescues and had no idea that based on All the info you shared in your post that they could both really benefit from them! Thank you so much for sharing your findings! I feel so good learning about ways I can make my fur babies happier and healthier!

    1. You are very welcome. I learned so much talking to Humarian and cannot wait to see how it helps Dexter…and I started the human version, too!

  3. A good gut is healthy for everyone humans and fur babies. I must admit I would never have thought to give a dog probotics so thank you for this great information.

  4. We need probiotics so it totally makes sense that our 4 legged friends do too! I know how good my family and I feel when we take them regularly so super happy you were able to do this with your dog!

  5. We take probiotics but I never thought about dogs being able to take them too! I think it’s great that they can, and they seem to help with so many different problems!

    Louise x

  6. At our vet’s suggestion, we’ve had Tavish on a probiotic for the past few months, and in concert with some slight diet modifications, it does seem to be making a difference in keeping things more even for him. Good to know about this particular brand, thanks!

    1. I like the convenience of this one and I am taking the human version with my dog. Glad to hear Tavish is doing well!

  7. I have started my cats and dogs on Humarian probiotics!
    Not only is it a wonderful brand but the people of Humarian are so kind.
    That makes a big difference to me.
    My family have been firm believers in probiotics for humans for over a decade and I was so thrilled to learn someone made them for pets!

  8. My Husky was prescribed a probiotic when one of her tummy upsets occurred – Auntie Janice fed her a donut during a family gathering – BAD Auntie Janice!! It helped tremendously right away. I’ve wanted to start giving my dogs a probiotic but I felt I didn’t know enough about it. I’ve also heard you should provide a prebiotic along with it? Thanks for this great info!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  9. Great work, you are really giving great awareness about dogs. We are also trying to develop a blog on dogs

  10. Any update on how you Humarian is working for Dexter? Curious because we’re about to reorder our probiotic supply and am considering giving this brand a try. We like our current brand which is in powder form (and it does seem to be helping), but Tavish is very picky and doesn’t always like his food sprinkled with it.

    1. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have a blog post this week with a video on how it is working. In short, famously. We love it and he doesn’t even know I put it in his food. I hear you on pickiness. Stay tuned. Thanks for asking!

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