Should Dogs Wear Clothes?

What are your thoughts about dogs wearing clothes? Should dogs don couture in the name of good looks alone or should clothing only serve a warming function? Do you dress your dog up? What do you tell people who think it’s ridiculous that dogs wear clothes?

I wondered, too, so like any good journalist, I wrote about it for Dogster and talked to  those in dog fashion and even at a school where you can get a certificate in pet fashions. I’m curious where you stand on the issue. Take a peek at the article and chime in. I’ve heard a variety of comments over the years; just wondering if times have changed in terms of coutured canines. Be honest, I’m a writer – I’m accustomed to opinions. *wags*

READ ALL ABOUT IT: Dogs Fashion: Canine Couture on Dogster

dog clothes


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  1. Petey loves wearing his little shirts, and I’m on a hunt to find him some swim trunks for the beach. Petey knows when he gets his little shirt on, we are going out and about, and he can’t hardly wait to poke his little head through. 🙂

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