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Should Dogs Get Married? Dogster Knows!

The #WigglebuttWedding saga continues. Should dogs be allowed to get married, especially if “getting married” means having fun so that we can fundraise? These are things that rolled through my mind and gave me pause (or is that paws) for thought until my dog became a groom-to-be. So I decided to write about it for Dogster.

Fidose of Reality invites all of its readers to check out “My Dog’s Getting Married and It’s for Charity: I Swear!” on the Dogster website and chime in.

dog wedding

Once you’ve done that, we’re also sharing a dog recipe from Dexter’s gorgeous rescue dog fiancee, Zoe, who whipped up this delicacy for her Domestic Dogdess blog. If you’ve ever wanted to cook something healthy for your dog and not sure where to start, check this Muttloaf recipe out. Our fur-ends at Kiss the Chef Catering (the official caterer to the #WigglebuttWedding taking place 06/30/12) is featuring yummy recipes you can make for your dog. Scroll down to the bottom of the page on Zoe’s Domestic Dogdess page.

muttloaf dogs



  1. Sue Creech says

    I think it should be up to the dog’s owner’s to marry or not, and I also think no one should be condemned for it, either in fun or to raise funds to help other canines.

  2. Tharice says

    Absolutely !! Especially if during the process you can do something good for others as in the case of this great fundraiser then all the more reason to allow pets to “marry”! In addition I like the idea in this case especially the bride to be with mom’s help is sharing se fun recipes for all our fur baby moms to try thus engages the readers in more ways than one!

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