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Easy Ways To Save Money On Dog Prescriptions

Anytime I can save money and get pet meds for less, I share that news with our audience of dog lovers. Dog prescriptions can be costly, especially if your dog has to take the medication regularly. I know because it happened to my pooch, Dexter, when he was diagnosed with an immune system disease called IMT.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about discount pet medication, it’s to ask around because there are often savings available. 

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Discount Dog Prescriptions

I discovered how to save money on my dog’s prescriptions by sheer accident. I used to work as an employee for a large corporation. One day, their healthcare plan stopped providing coverage for a migraine headache preventive pill I had been taking for many years. This meant I would have to pay several hundred dollars a month to cover the cost of this medication.

After searching online for affordable access top brand name and generic medications, I discovered Inside Rx. It is not insurance, but it touted a free downloadable prescription savings card for people and pets. I had nothing to lose, so I printed the card and visited a local pharmacy.

Imagine my surprise, shock, and delight when the pharmacist told me that I could save over $90 on the medication by using the free Inside Rx savings card.

Fast forward to the fall of 2017 and I learned even more, including that Inside Rx users have saved up to 70 percent on select human medications commonly prescribed for pets. 

When the folks at Inside Rx asked me if I would like to share my experience with Fidose of Reality dog moms and dads, I agreed because I’ve used this free prescription savings card repeatedly.

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How I Got Discount Pet Meds

Let’s face it: the cost of prescription medications for dogs can be very high, depending on the drug, dosing, and frequency of use. I have veterinary pet insurance for my dog, but not everyone does. Whether your dog is uninsured or the cost of his meds is high, there are a few things you can do.

Dexter spent nearly a week in the hospital because of a tick bite causing immune-mediated thrombocytopenia (IMT). Frequent blood work, follow-up care, internal medicine visits, and dog prescriptions. Altogether, his bill on discharge plus the other things I mentioned cost close to $15,000. A lot of that cost involved pills and not all of them were cheap pet meds. Here’s a sample of some of his prescriptions on discharge:

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Inside Rx helped me then and I use it to this day. Since over 50,000 pharmacies accept the free Inside Rx discount card, I had my choice from many national chains, as well as many independent pharmacies in my area.

If your dog takes a brand name medication, ask the veterinarian if there’s a generic or less expensive option.

Thank dog for the discount pet meds I received because every little bit adds up, especially when facing a medical crisis with your dog.

How To Get Pet Meds For Less

Since I’ve seen the cost savings for both myself and my dog, here’s how Inside RX can help you save, too:

  • From the comfort of your mobile device, laptop, desktop, or tablet, visit to search for your dog’s prescriptions and find the best deal at a pharmacy close to you.  Note that currently, the Inside Rx Pets card can only be used with certain human medications commonly prescribed for pets. 
  • Download a free Inside Rx prescription savings card. You can print it, download it as a PDF, text it to yourself, or download it to your mobile wallet.
  • Show the savings card to the pharmacist and enjoy savings.

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What If My Vet Wants The Dog Prescriptions Filled In House?

I don’t know many people who don’t want to get pet medication at a discount. I also know that most veterinarians and specialists I’ve encountered in a lifetime of dog ownership are amenable to helping me save money and do what is best for my wallet and my dog.

Be honest with your veterinarian. If your pet’s prescription is eligible for discounts using the Inside Rx card, explain to him or her how taking your written prescription to a participating pharmacy could save you money. I had a veterinarian who would even call my dog’s prescriptions directly into the pharmacy.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has an FAQ page for pet parents with questions regarding prescriptions and the locations where you can get them filled, including considerations on where to fill a prescription. 

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Discount Dog Prescription Bottom Line

There is no registration or sign up process to download the Inside Rx Pets card, and you don’t have to provide an email or any sort of personal information.

There is an app for those who like to check savings on the go. Download the Inside Rx app on the App Store or Google Play. Just search for Inside Rx to download the app and see if you can save.

The Inside Rx Pets card can be used at participating pharmacies to fill prescriptions written and dispensed for animals by a veterinarian or other appropriately licensed care provider.

Currently, the Inside Rx Pets card can be used with human medications for pets. It cannot be used to purchase medications that are prescribed exclusively for animals, such as certain types of parasiticides or vaccines as those are not sold at participating pharmacies.  The Inside Rx Pets card is not insurance and can’t be used with insurance.

Get answers to all your questions on the Inside Rx FAQ page here and download the free Inside Rx card here.

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Your Turn

Would you use this InsideRX savings card? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I actually had to be told that some pet meds are people meds – just a different dosage. It didn’t occur to me. I have asked my vet for a prescription (from what I understand, it’s not legal here for them to refuse and fill it themselves) and saved a couple dollars once, but other prescriptions were not the right concentration for dogs. In Canada, prescription drugs are cheaper so often there’s not must difference between the vet cost and people cost. However, it’s worth checking out.

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